Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 2


Another entertaining episode. I kinda felt like a slice of life anime now for some reason with a mix of action. Looks like there is more fanservice too, although not as excessive as the first episode. The action part is pretty nice as well, just like the first episode. The show is developing well, looks like the main plot so far is more focused on Minase Koito, the red hair girl with the headphone. Guess she will join the group soon. I can’t say much have changed since the first episode, most of it felt the same to me, so I guess it’s just as good as the first episode.


Looks like we could already see a pattern in the show. Just like the first episode, there is 2 phantom job in each episode. One seems very focused in the action department, while the other one is more of trying to pleased people with fanservice. Though I feel this episode is more of a slice of life type of episode compared to last episode. At least there is something different. I’m fine with watching this week in, week out. Just hope there is some interesting stuff or something new soon.


It’s still in the introduction phase as far as I can tell. The characters are still bonding and trying to know each other, while some side stuff happening like Ichijou being able to summon Phantoms now and what not. I was really hoping for the phantom to be epic base on the drawing, turns out it was some cute puppy. The cute puppy kinda looks like the one from Kuroko no Basuke though, not like there is anything wrong with that. I also notice that little Ruru has been supporting a lot in the show. I find Ruru cute, but at times she can be really annoying. I like her to stick around though, just hoping she less annoying, or does Ichijou makes it felt like she is an annoyance. Wonder if little Ruru will have any abilities as well as the show goes on. She probably might, I guess.


So far everything is fine for me. The animation is still awesome, and the character is still pretty nice. Mai hasn’t been doing much besides doing most of the action though. I wish she would talk more. Reina and Ichijou seems to be doing most of the talking. This show is still entertaining, not sure about you guys though. I’m just waiting for Koito to join the team, and later hopefully that loli girl will too. Then we can get down to something more serious hopefully. Well that’s all from me, thanks for reading as always.



  1. I have to admit that the second episode was enjoyable. I never expect that the demon will turn out to be a cute dog. Still, I hope we will learn more about Koito in future episodes since she might become a fascinating character.

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