Love Live! Sunshine!! Aquors’s 7 Minute Long Anime Video Debut Single


HYPE! Finally more details on Love Live Sunshine. This is a 7 minute long video that came with the song album, with a mix of anime footages and the full debut song of Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? / Is Your Heart Shining? I’ve to say it’s impressive. The CGI looks good than the previous Love Live, and everything looks very promising. Animation looks a lot better too, and of course the girls.

The question is who is the best girl? So far I’m liking Sakurauchi Riko. That new long video kinda confirms it for me. There is also others that looks interesting, I’m looking at that Hanayo clone, Watanabe You, Honoka clone Chika as well as my all time favourite waifu Eli Ayase clone, Ohara Mari. So many good looking ones. Just a matter of time where we have more waifu wars soon. Looking forward for more Love Live Sunshine details. We’ll update you guys if there is more of it soon.

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