Kuroko no Basuke Episode 75


Awesome last episode. Well it took a while for it to come out. I guess the production messed up something and caused the delay. Call about bad timing. It’s final episode damn it! The wait was really killing me.


The final last 40 seconds of the match was great. I really didn’t think they could make it without playing overtime. It was a great feeling, the pressure from Rakuzan was great, but somehow they managed it. Really didn’t think Kagami could even sink a 3, but we have seen him doing it before.


I really didn’t think the other players would play such a huge role other than Kuroko and Kagami at the end, but it kinda surprised me that Izuki and the whole team actually has one, for the final 40 seconds. First a steal by Izuki, then a 4 point play by Hyuuga, and a huge rebound by Kiyoshi. And BOOM! The alley oop pass from Kuroko to Kagami, to secure the win. It was great. Really thought Kuroko was gonna sink it at the end and boom, Kagami with the dunk. Awesome!  I like it a lot, despite some stuff being a bit predictable, I got tricked in the end just like Akashi, thinking Kuroko would give it a shot.


All that happened in the first half of the episode which was really nice. Making way for some good epilogue at the end. With Rakuzan beaten and Akashi finally tasting defeat, I’m sure they are gonna get stronger in the future. That could be said the same to all the other teams as well. So finally they beat all the generation of miracles. Was good.


Kiyoshi going to the US for surgery, and that bromance from Hyuuga, lol! Momoi giving Kuroko a photo..for a moment I think it was some nude photo of her, lol! Sadly it’s not. I like that they talk about the other teams at the end, and what the 3rd year is doing next. It was concluded pretty well.


I’m very satisfied about the show overall, it was consistent all the way. Very intense, has good pacing, interesting characters with good personality and etc.Guess we won’t see any good basketball anime for a while after this. It was a fun ride, and I enjoyed it till the end. The only thing which is lacking is a few more best girl, if there is more, could have been perfect. I also wish there is more romance between Kuroko and Momoi, but i guess it was alright overall on that department. Wish there is more basketball anime. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I do. Thanks for reading.


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