Kuroko no Basuke Episode 73


Oh it’s on alright, things are getting really interesting this time. Akashi’s getting in the zone is totally at a whole different level.  It’s a lot scarier than Kagami going all out with his zone powers. That is because Akashi has his Emperor Eyes. Though it didn’t last that long as Kuroko has a plan of his own. I can’t believe Kuroko could be so calm though, it’s like he is giving life back to the team. Glad Kagami did the right thing and believed in Kuroko.


This episode was super intense, the whole Seirin team hanging on for dear life as they try and stop Akashi. That Kuroko and Kagami teamwork is really awesome, one that Akashi doesn’t actually have, considering he kinda neglect everyone else in his team. Kuroko having his own Emperor Eye and Kagami being able to open the 2nd gate of the zone was really awesome too. That is like just a glimpse of it, i’m sure there is more awesomeness to come. Finally Akashi has a taste of what reality is all about. Akashi totally lost it, and became like one of those bench warmers, lol!


Now the whole Rakuzan team is actually disgusted of him. I can’t believe that Kuroko clone actually tries to help him, or actually did it by accident. Akashi managed to get back to his feet somehow. It’s unreal though, how can such a player recover that fast, just from a short time-out? In the end he realize that he can’t do shit without his team mates. You don’t say… So will Akashi finally open his eyes and realize he can’t win everything? We shall see next week, when Seirin wins it. Well that’s my prediction at least. It’s gonna be one awesome last 5 minute battle, that’s for sure. Thanks for reading guys, sayonara!


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