HOMYGOD I completely forgot about this! It’s been what, a month?! Without further ado, on to my final impressions of Korezon of the dead!

Episode 9 introduced us to perhaps the most pointless character yet – Nene, otherwise known as the Underworld’s most powerful warrior and the only one capable of fighting Chris. What was interesting was that we got a glimpse of the Underworld of where Yuu originated from. We learn that Yuu was once able to talk, Megalos never existed back then, The King of Night was Yuu’s most trusted servant, and that the Underworld does NOT looking like a variation of Sera’s cooking – to our surprise, the Underworld is beautiful, moreso than what our world has become. This, alongside with what we’ve seen of Virie – vast dark rooms with gothic architecture – brings the very idea of who’s good and evil into question.

Unfortunately, that’s where all the interesting stuff ends. Other than ass-loving vampire ninja Sara being impossibly moe, some awfully funny lines from the big-breasted narcoleptic fujoshi Nene – which led to Haruna’s tearful despair – and the fact Chris and Nene are old friends, episode 9 seemed long and winded.

The final episode, however – to put it bluntly – was the absolute worst episode in the entirety of Korezon. And I don’t feel the need to explain why, simply because even my little sister was able to point out all the flaws. But for reader convenience, the following pictures sum up my overall reaction perfectly:

Those who want more insight on the ending, look forward to my post on “Anime Endings.”

Ok then, since Xana does reviews in her final posts, I think I’ll give it a shot, too. For future record, I don’t give numerical scores for my reviews; I point out the positives and negatives, and rate the anime series in five respective categories – “Buy it,” “Watch it,” “Check it,” “Drop it,” and “”Burn it” – all self-explanatory.

The animation works for the most part, and the artistry is commendable, especially during the delusion Yuu segments. But its generic H-game character designs and somewhat familiar settings make it easy to forget just how well made this anime is. The quality slacks, there’s alot of visual liberties, and casual scenes are more-than-often static. But it all serves a purpose; Korezon’s humour plays up looking and sounding like a visual novel, or seeming like a gritty horror series that’s utterly insane. Above all the gut-spilling head-splattering humour, it definitely holds well and remains consistent. Gory action scenes are scarce compared to season 1, but are still quite spectacular. Even the little things like Ayumu break dancing, or puckering his lips while shaking his butt, show just how much attention went into comic detail. It’s nothing special, but it’s all fun and full of imagination and madness.

Easily the best part of Korezon. Characters that we love and care what happens to are the one thing that keeps us coming back for more, even if the plot goes the crap nowhere. Korezon has always done this right; Ayumu, Haruna, Yuu, and Sera all continue to stand as the best and most interesting harem out there, mostly because they’re more like a family than anything else. Since the 1st season, they’ve all become much more lenient without losing what made each one so unique; Yukinori and Taeko’s adorable obsession for Zombie protagonist, emotional genius Haruna, Sera’s hot-cold feelings, Sara’s ass-love and moe-fication, Yuu and delusion Yuus being impossibly cute and lovable, and (of course) Zombie protagonist himself. Not to mention there’s Chris as the kindest villain yet, narcoleptic Nene, mischievous Dai-sensei, loco Kyouko, creepy Anderson, and B-couple Orito and Miharu – the characters are just so vibrant, full of life, and likeable.

The soundtrack has a couple signature and memorable tunes, such as the humorous guitar-riff used in Magical Zombie battles and the likes, and it all adds to the overall insanity. The opening and ending are also enjoyable to listen to, although Nomizu Iori’s new single “***Passionate” wasn’t quite as good as “Makasete Tonight.” The voice acting was as good as it always was, except this time we get to hear much more of Midori Tsukimiya’s Eucliwood Hellscythe. She manages to portray Yuu’s soft-spoken yet emotional tone of voice once again, and she’s still a newbie seiyuu!

If season one had too much plot and not enough humour, then season two was the exact opposite; too much fluff and not enough plot. And that’s all fine and dandy, since the focus has always been comedy first and foremost. By episode six, the plot began to catch up, and – by comparison – felt much stronger than in the 1st season. It did well for two more episodes, fumbled in the last mile, and fell flat on its face in the finale. The revelation of the villain was completely unexpected, and the build-up was clever, but there was hardly a resolution, if any at all. The fact that the ending felt rushed, contrived, and unexpected in the worst way possible almost instantly diminished any credit this anime had. Almost. At the very least, there wasn’t a single episode where I didn’t roll over laughing.

When I first read about this series, I knew I had to watch it simply because of all the ridiculous amount of stupid they were throwing into an idiotic premise. A Zombie Magical Boy, a mute and cute necromancer, a blockhead of a genius girl, and a badass vampire ninja? Heck yeah! Which is why I found OF THE DEAD to be pleasantly superior to season one in all but the ending. While its spot as best ecchi anime is being compromised by this year’s Sankarea, Korezon made me laugh my ass off week after week without fail. The harem aspects aren’t annoying, although it can get pretty crazy with all the love (and abuse) he gets. It’s obviously not for everyone, especially if you prefer something much, MUCH more plot focused. But forget any pretentious thoughts about storytelling and artistic worth for a moment (lest we end up like Ayumu’s subconscious), and answer just one question; is it entertaining? Yes. It definitely is.

Like it or don’t. Consider checking it out first.

So when’s season 3? xD

Thanks for reading! And now for final Yuu:


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