Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 12


I’m ok with the ending of this show. It looks like there could be more in the future, and I really hope there is, because it’s really entertaining and cute. The final episode was really good, I really enjoyed the car part, as well the them going to the beach. It really felt like they were about to conclude the anime at some point, but left it pretty open in the end. I guess we could expect more in the future.


The car part was actually pretty good. That commercial was really stupid, just like any Japanese commercial you would expect, lol! I like the reason why Umaru wants the MPV though, her reason is always amazing. Anywhere she goes, she would always think of being lazy, just perfectly fine, part of the charm of being Umaru. Turns out Taihei was pretty bad at driving, so they end up not buying a car in the end. Taihei definitely overprotective for his own good. I like the part where he is only good on paper, not for real though in driving.


Then comes the beach part. I like the part where we finally saw Bomber and Kirie together with the rest. Bomber is so stupid, lol! How could he think it was someone else, when it’s evidently his sister. I also like the part where Bomber just meet the real Umaru form, as well as that reaction when he saw Ebina for the first time. Such pervert Bomber-chan is, and a total baka, lol! Really love the moment where they reveal why Kirie is the way she is now, because of Bomber showing up at school. So that is why people try to avoid her at school. Poor Kirie-chan, thanks a lot Bomber.


Love the part where they had a lot of fun going out. From eating, to going around lazing, and playing at the beach. I really didn’t expect Sylphyn to appear as well, was kinda unexpected and really a nice touch. The part where Umaru was about to tell Kirie that Komaru was actually her, actually didn’t happen. It was for the best that she didn’t find out, so I’m ok with that. That part also leaves the anime really open, and that we could expect more in the future, maybe. I like Kirie-chan being so honest and caring about Komaru, it was really nice, and then comes the part where Bomber also cared about her little sister, but just half-heartedly, before he gets beaten by Kirei, lol!


Nice to see Taihei and Ebina-chan together as well at some point. I definitely ship those two. Now that I think about it, there is no Kanau at all today. Kinda wish she would show up as well. I like the ending of Himouto. Although it’s not like it actually ended for good, they actually made it pretty much open-ended. That last ending visual, it felt like they were actually showing us that the next season might actually be about them going to the mountains, maybe.


Overall I think the series was really good. Entertaining and fun to watch. Although I kinda wish they made the first episode better, for a better first impression. I really think some might get turned off just for seeing the first episode, but it got a whole lot better afterwards. All the characters are pretty much lovable as well, even the side characters were really interesting for me, like Sylphyn’s brother, Bomber and even Kanau. Story wise, it’s just like any other slice of life, but the unique part about it, is that they have a character like Umaru in it which makes it unique and interesting to watch. Oh, and the part where there are tons of game and anime references was kinda nice too, I love it. I’m going to miss this anime, no more Umaru and Ebina-chan makes me sad. Maybe i’ll read theĀ spin-off version of the manga entitled Umaru-chan S, sounds fun. I also need to check out the special episode for the anime, I’ve yet to watch those. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this show as much as I do, and thanks for sticking around till the end of the season, really appreciate it. Hope the see you guys next season as well. Bye for now.



  1. Yea, ending with a beach episode is a really fine choice :p I do love the scene where Kirie was talking about how grateful she was for “Master” and Taihei for talking with her.

    Kirie Best Girl for me.

    • Not bad, considering they have been teasing us with a beach episode for the longest time, lol. I like all the girls, but i’ll go with Ebina, too cute not to be best girl šŸ˜›

      Everything is subjective for best girl. So anything goes.

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