Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 11


That’s a good episode. I like that there is a lot of Ebina-chan again this week. There are also a lot of food stuff, like pretty much everything is about ice-cream. Rainy season and then comes Summer! I like the Summer mood going on, but as I’ve said everything was just about food this week. This episode just makes me want ice-cream.


Ebina-chan gives away some of her hometown rice, and Taihei cook some for them. Nice to see that Taihei is actually a good cook for Ebina-chan too. Ebina-chan is always hungry I suppose. Quite a large appetite she has, from eating rice and later pizza. And the next part was them eating some parfait the next day. To think even Umaru could eat a 2nd big parfait, they love ice-cream that much. I always like the part where Ebina speaks her hometown dialect, a find it very cute, and of course some interesting japanese phrase that I could use in chats and real life 😀


The part where Umaru thinks about what snack could cheer up Taihei was kinda nice. That’s show you how much Umaru loves her onii-chan. Good thing his proposal was accepted for the first time. There was an Evangelion reference during that part, and I like it.  I guess we will never see how upset Taihei is when his proposal got rejected. Maybe it’s for the better, because even Umaru came prepared to cheer him up, I guess it’s that bad.


I like there is always that Umaru lazy mode, where she just laze around. I always find it cute. Out of nowhere there is also Kirie. Kirie doesn’t like when it comes to rain, but I guess she likes the beach. She has been looking forward to it for a while now, and we probably might get a beach episode next week. The mood was definitely gloomy during that rain part, but to think that just thinking about summer ice-cream could cheer them up, definitely simple minded girls, which is a good thing.


I really like the part where they eat ice-cream and hangout like they were at the beach at home. Best part was the background music, that summer music! I really hope the next final episode will be a good one. Looks like we are finally getting a beach episode, maybe. Not gonna get my hopes up, the last time I thought it was gonna be a beach episode was just Umaru thinking about it in her mind, lol! I’m definitely gonna miss this series, but I hope we get a good substitute on the next season. Watching Himouto was a lot of fun, and usually puts me in a good mood. Entertaining and always fun to watch. Thanks for reading as always, a batch of more Umaru gif awaits in the gallery as always.


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