Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 10


Love this episode. Mostly this episode is about Umaru’s love forĀ his big brother Taihei, and vice versa. There is also something extra that I like about this episode, such as seeing little loli Umaru, as well as seeing Taihei back in highschool days. Actually I pretty much like everything about this episode this week.


So Umaru had a fever and she was looking forward for Taihei to look after him. Sadly he didn’t, and left for work. Poor Umaru-chan, she just want some love from his big brother. Funniest thing and very logical is that even after playing games all day when she was sick, she felt better the next day, because of her virus being lazy, lol! I like the part where she sang when she was healthy again, that was cute. The next day his brother got her virus and turned sick instead. Umaru really cared about his brother, surprising even though Taihei didn’t look after her, that she decides to look after him anyway. It was kinda moving at the end and really sweet. šŸ™‚


The other part was really sweet as well where it’s Taihei’s turn showing some love for Umaru-chan. Both definitely showed their love in a different way, but for a big brother, it think what he did was right. Most big brother, especially myself is always angry at my little imouto, it’s for the best. Being angry doesn’t mean we hate the person, sometimes it just means we care about them, only applies when it comes to siblings I guess.


That part about Umaru having no internet was great. It’s a sad reality that when we don’t have any internet we just don’t know what to do in life. Best part was that everything Umaru tried to use, she just can’t get it to work, lol! The part about her going to the internet cafe was nice. It’s wonderful how Japan internet cafe is, I bet other cafe in the world isn’t like one of those from Japan. It’s true that you feel like living there forever, but the novelty wears of after being there forĀ soo long. I myself have been to a Japan internet cafe before, during my visit to Japan. It was really nice and amazing, the privacy and the service. It only applies to premium ones though.


The last part was really good as well. I like when they show about their past. I really like those trio hanging out. The part about Taihei scoring 100 and stuff was amazing as well. He is that smart, but sadly, his job position isn’t that great compared to Kanou. I wonder what happened to Taihei and Umaru though. What’s with the downgrade, they used to live in a luxurious place, but they just live in a normal room now. Maybe it’s just Taihei not wanting to be dependent from his parents, I guess. That loli Umaru though, hnnnggg!


Overall, a really good episode for me. More entertaining than the usual. Oh man, now that I think about it, there is only 2 episodes left for this series. What show can entertain me this much next season, I wonder. Maybe Gochiusa and Yuru Yuri, maybe. I look up into the fall season for a while now, I don’t think a lot is as interesting as this season, but there is definitely a few that I look forward to watching. Depends on your preferred anime genre I guess. If you like fantasy stuff, I think there is a lot to watch next season. I might pick a few but not much. Well looking forward for next season and of course more Umaru next week. Thanks for reading, and as always more Umaru gifs in the gallery.


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