HaruChika First Impressions


I think this show is pretty nice, but the mix of music and mystery is definitely not for everyone. Plus there is one surprise at the end, which makes a lot of people turned off about this anime a bit. What I like the most about this series so far has to be about Chika’s personality. I also like the character design and the animation. The sound design is pretty good as well, while it’s not Hibike Euphonium kinda music anime, it’s alright. It’s a hard sell for most, but if you watched the show for like 10 minutes and likes Chika, I think it’s worth the watch.


Te mix of mystery makes this show not for everyone. Also the only character I liked so far is just Chika and the twins. The president seems alright, but Haruta is definitely not for everyone. Chika is just a normal girl, that excels well in school. It seems like she can pick up stuff pretty quick. What I like Chika the most is her personality. She has a charming personality, very fun and vibrant female lead. As for Haruta, he is pretty smart, he has that detective skills, as well as musical knowledge at his disposal. Both Chika and Haruta gets a long pretty comfortably together. As for the other character, there isn’t much about them yet except for the music teacher. I’m ok with the teacher, but I really don’t like the voice he has, lol!


The show started pretty lively, and the introduction for Chika and Haruta seems pretty nice to me. While the others are just side characters, they all get the job done as well, and play a good role on their own. The mystery part of the anime is alright so far, and there is some twist to it which makes it interesting. I’m curious if there is going to be more mysteries week in and week out, but I hope it’s more focused on the slice of life part instead of mystery. There is also more characters to be introduced, and I’m looking forward to that.


Overall, I think the anime is on to a good start. The charming personality of Chika is what is going to drive this anime, as far as I can tell. Also the chemistry between Chika and Haruta seems like a nice combo. The animation is pretty good, as expect by P.A Works. While it seems like HaruChika is following something similar to Hibike Euphonium in terms of goals, the experience is totally different altogether because of the mystery element it has. I think this show is worth the watch if you like slice of life, but I’m not sure if everyone is going to like Haruta. Since I’m not gonna spoil you, just give a try. If you don’t like Chika at all, then I guess this show is definitely a skip for you. I’m not sure if I’m going to blog this show weekly, but if the other show that I plan to blog isn’t really that good, I’ll definitely blog about this week in and week out. Thanks for reading, do look forward for more first impressions post soon.



  1. Chika is a very enjoyable character, but I’m quite curious how the mysteries will play out with the music. It seems that shows with mysteries tend to not go through with that aspect. Either way, I’m not holding my breath.

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