While the spring season slowly crawls closer, meaning episodic reviews for me, I thought I would review another anime.  It is time to review Gyo, one of studio Ufotable newest 70 minute long OVAs.  It is loosely based off a manga by the same name, and I mean it’s loosely based.  The manga has a different protagonist then the OVA and different events take place between the two.  Lets start of with a synopsis of the OVA, don’t worry there are no spoilers.  To celebrate their graduation from university Kaori the protagonist takes a vacation with two friends to Okinawa.  They are staying in a summerhouse provided by Kaori’s fiancé Tadashi’s uncle.  One day they return to the house and they are greeted by a disgusting stench, which is traced to a deformed fish with legs.  Kaori kills it but more and more of these fish start to appear from the ocean.  A phone call from Tadashi confirms that these fish are also in Tokyo but she looses connection with him and can no longer get a hold of him.  Kaori decided to hurry back to Tokyo, and with the help of man by the name of Shirakawa they look for Tadashi and the mystery behind these walking fish.


Gyo is generally well animated but at some points suffers from awkwardness in regard to the relationship between its 2d and 3d animation.  When Gyo adds in its 3d animation it looks really out of place and unnatural. The 3d animation also caused some chunky movement especially when the characters are running and the movement of the walking sea creatures.  Although they feel out of place I have to say the sea creatures are animated damn well; they look realistic and rather scary.  The backgrounds are average and forgettable.  They aren’t it great detail but they serve there purpose with out anything standing out as poorly animated.  The color scheme is also rather basic and dull.  The character design is okay, they aren’t poorly drawn, they to me they look like a group of forgettable characters that I have seen a million times.




Gyo characters are mediocre at best and have very little introduction.  It is a common theme in horror/apocalyptic anime to focus more on the surprise factor than it does on character background and overall character quality.  I would say the characters are more qualified be described as victims, they are there to be tortured and put through hell for your enjoyment and nothing more.  They are very one dimensional with and only a few minutes is spent in generating any kind of back-story of only a few of the characters.  Overall it not the end of the world that these characters are forgettable; it’s a horror anime I didn’t expect anything more.


Gyo’s audio does its job in setting the mood correctly but there isn’t much more too it than that.  I found not noticing the music cause it was very quiet in the overall mix of the anime.  Gyo has no opening song to speak of but does have a song during the credits, which is some crappy low quality opera-like song.  The voice acting was a real letdown; it’s a horror anime (well I think) YOUR VOICE SHOULD SOUND TERRIFIED.  This is directed straight at Kaori’s voice actor.  Her attempts at dramatic outbreaks were awful and she never seemed like she was scared. The rest of the cast is nothing special but at least they were a little better than Kaori and had some passion mixed in with their voice.




Gyo has 70 minutes to tell its story, so it doesn’t waste its time.  Only a couple minutes are spent in the beginning to establish it’s beginning until you are thrown into a chaotic unpleasant story.  Gyo is extremely fast paced and it fits the overall story well. I was never really bored with the overall story.   It seems like the scriptwriters really wanted to focus on the romance/drama aspects of Gyo in addition to the horror aspects.  This doesn’t work very well and you will find some useless scenes throughout the OVA that just don’t seem to fit.  I really expected it to be tradition horror, in the sense that I would be scared but instead I found myself laughing more of the time.  The concept of walking sea creatures is hilarious, how can I be scared.  I can’t get much more into more specifics because I don’t want to spoil it for you all.




Gyo can be summarized as a fast-paces horror flick with poor characters and mediocre animation. It may be worth seeing just to see, I wasn’t able to tell you a lot of the plot because of spoilers and there are some weird things that happen. This zombie shark anime is certainly far from amazing, but if you want to watch something that will have you asking what the f 🙂 🙂 🙂 ? Gyo is the OVA for you.  Sorry for reviewing a bad one!


So I have a spring break that starts in a week, I plan on watching a lot of anime.  If anybody has a request for an anime review I am willing to try to review it. Thank You for reading.

Sincerely Xana

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