Glasslip Episode 6



I really appreciate the classical music in the soundtrack, and it’s kind of a relief to know that Kakeru’s mom isn’t dead, just traveling because she’s a concert pianist. Is his “key” to the future music, or does it just occur randomly? I know for Touko’s it’s glass or anything shiny. I also find it interesting when Yukinari said that the name Okikura is famous, which implies that his mom is a really well-known pianist, even in what seems to be the little town that our characters live in.


“Hey baby, the future fragments don’t matter, cuz all I hear is your voice.” How’s that for a pickup line? Anyways, I guess they decided to give up on going any deeper into the whole future sight thing. At this point, I can safely say that this is one of those series where it’s so bad that it’s good. On a more analytical note, this show has been trying to get itself back on track starting from last episode, and in some ways it has. However, the characters are still not well developed for me to understand what the characters are thinking. Okikura is one of the most unnecessarily complex characters I’ve seen. He goes all over the place to the point in which I don’t know if he confessed to Touko on a whim, much like how he wanted to start a fight with Yuki.

Another upcoming problem is that the pieces are somewhat set in stone. Touko is with David, Yana with Yuki, and Hiro with Sacchan. What comes next? I can only fear that it will get more complicated and this show will spiral down even further, if that’s even possible. Or are they actually going to try and tell us more about the characters, like Touko with her glass shop, Yuki with his running, and Sacchan with her hospitalization story? However, even if they take the latter direction, at 6 episodes in already this direction would be an awkward transition.

As for Kakeru, I still don’t think I like him as a character. In that confrontation with Yukinari, he was really cold, and his suggestion that whoever wins “gets to keep Touko” was the last straw for me. I totally hate David and I feel like he needs to die in this! Sacchan and Hiro are still pretty cute, but Glasslip, get your act together. We’re seeing relationship development, but it all seems forced, badly put together, and perhaps, an attempt to echo Nagi no Asukara, but a pitiful one at that.

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