Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Episode 9



This episode turned out quite good as well but not as good as the previous or some other episodes. The first half of the show is my favourite part compared to the tanuki one. Both Nozaki and Chiyo have proved(especially the former) that they can carry a scene without needing any support from the other members of the cast. It’s just hilarious, that I keep repeating saying the same thing in every post of each episode.


I enjoyed the parody of couples’ umbrella sharing; Nozaki and Sakura’s height differences certainly make for a lot of silly moments. And for someone who writes shoujo, slice-of-life manga, Nozaki is not very perceptive of other people’s emotions…or logic. Ah, Nozaki-kun, what ever will we do with you? One of my other favourite part about this episode has to be the part where Nozaki mentioned the name Ken-san, and Ken was like having the! I also like the part where they tried to run through the rain, being covered just by Nozaki’s upper uniform was hilarious. Seo just appears out of nowhere was a bit of a surprise for me.


Yukari still has those tanukis in her manga! Although, her manga alone is pretty unique, in a bizarre yet comical way. Nozaki vigorously shaking Yukari to get mad at Maeno reminded me of when Waka was doing the same to Seo. Both are hilarious though! Trying to use reverse psychology on Maeno failed completely. Things did calm down alright. Sakura obviously took a liking to the new character in Kigurumi because he looked like Nozaki. Even Nozaki himself couldn’t trade it with his artwork.


I will always feel sad whenever there isn’t Mikorin in every single episode. The next episode is going to be awesome, with Seo in it, it’s gonna be epic. I can’t believe we only have three more episodes to go. This show can’t end.



  1. I’m beginning to think somebody needs to do an “intervention” and pull Chiyo away from Nozaki before she crashes and burns. I’m doubting she’ll ever get him to “look” at her.
    But yes, that umbrella scene had me rolling on the floor.

    • Maybe not this season I guess. Hopefully some progress in the next one. Everyone else seems to have some progress in their love relationship except Chiyo.. Poor Chiyo!

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