Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Episode 5



Tanuki, tanuki everywhere. A few side characters was introduced in this episode and the one that I don’t like is Maeno. I’m in the same impression as Nozaki when it comes to Maeno. I feel for Nozaki because every time he thought of an idea, Maeno think it is his idea. Somehow both of them have the same idea all the time, in real life it might be a good idea to work together when one has the same idea, as it just makes things better, but in Nozaki’s case it’s the other way around lol! I’d be flipping tables as well if I were Nozaki.


Ken-san is definitely the best editor and he is trying to help Nozaki become a better writer, but he is frustrated that little actually gets through to Nozaki, a good example was when he had Nozaki read those three panels. Ken-san isn’t cold but just a hardworking person. I like that part where he replies things in an instant. I think he doesn’t like Nozaki because he is just a bit annoying around Ken-san, other than that I think he is ok with Nozaki. As for the other girl as the side character.. she is pretty but nothing much, her presence has little impact to the show for me.


The 2nd half of the show was really hilarious. Nozaki please act as Mamiko again. Nozaki-kun is really devoted to understanding Mamiko’s feelings and I really love it. Mikorin gets the cutest bento and he has the best reaction. I’d like to know that reaction when Sakura was giving the bento box back to Nozaki. Is he happy that Sakura liked it, or is he having more feelings towards her as of late. Nozaki’s girly Mamiko style is definitely the best especially when he said “I made too much lunch” with those stars. Oh..and that carting scene was one of my favourite in this episode. You gotta love the Kashima x Hiro moment as well.


Overall another good episode. I don’t know if anyone should say this is definitely the best episode, anymore..because all of them are very good to be honest. I’m glad there is more about Nozaki in this episode and that we got to know him better. What i’m sad about is that there is less Mikorin and Chiyo, but there is always the next episode. Can’t wait for the last main character to be introduced next week. Hantai no, hantai no, hanti no, hantai waaaa.

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  1. Sakura’s rival is Nozaki’s work, and she’s losing badly. At this point I don’t think she has a chance unless she gets him to stop seeing everything through the filter of his work, and doing THAT risks him perceiving her as a threat to his work.
    His editor Ken is an interesting aspect of the story. Though he obviously wants Nozaki to do better, if only because it’s his job to help Nozaki, it’s not clear to me if Ken believes Nozaki could do better. So, realistically, there is the danger Ken could lose patience and give up on Nozaki (if he hasn’t already).

    • Good point. I’ve never thought of Nozaki’s work being Sakura’s rival. I think Nozaki is just being serious of his work and thinking to much, just take the part of him being Mamiko for instance. We will have to see then, what’s gonna happen next.

      I agree pretty much with your 2nd point. I’m not quite sure myself how Nozaki is gonna improve in his work.

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