Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Episode 10



It’s hard to decide if Seo or Mikorin is best girl. This episode has to be one of the funniest episode I’ve ever watched in the series. Seo, Wakamatsu, Mikorin and Kashima, is just awesome. I’m actually glad that they focused on all this characters instead of the usual Nozaki and Sakura centered episode. We just need Seo and Mikorin in each episode.. Mind = Blown


I bet Nozaki never had any ideas about writing a romantic scenario between Waka and Seo. Not a single fuck was given in this episode by Seo, which is just awesome. Zero armrests, zero space, zero fucks. I really thought Seo is very pretty if it weren’t for her personality. I also think she is very cute in the restaurant when she talk about all the movie stuff. Wakamatsu the super stalker. I’ve lost count how many times he actually stalked Seo. I like the part where Wakamatsu thought Seo was bad at singing. Just don’t try to find out Wakamatsu, it’s better that way. Wondering what will happen if both Wakamatsu and Seo were married.


Kashima’s singing was top notch! Best singing I have ever heard to date. It probably messed up my audio codec as well. He is also a masochist for trying to follow what Seo asked her to. The play was a great segment. Hori playing Rudolph and Kashima playing the prince, the battle will never end. Nozaki’s acting level is over 9000! That bear costume is just awesome and I seriously lol’d at the part where he was trying to make a spin-off after his defeat. Nozaki when will you ever stop thinking about your shoujo manga! The part where Hori realize Mikorin was Mamiko was my favourite as well. Mamikoshiba should be his new nickname. Oh, and i’m very happy to see Kashima has finally meet Seo, as well as Hori and Mikorin.


All in all, I really enjoy this series a lot. It’s going to be hard next season to find a hilarious show like this one. Wonder if there will ever be one, with Nozaki and Barakamon combo, it’s really hard to tell. I wish at some point, they would announce the second season for this show already. Thanks for reading.


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