So i’m gonna start this new season with Gangsta. As you might expect from the name, it’s going to be one violent show. This anime reminds me of Black Lagoon. It starts with the opening song and I kinda like the song already. Our main characters is two guys one is a deaf guy who is a former military and another guy is called the Worick. Worick looks normal to me, but that deaf guy is really something.


I like the atmosphere of this show. It feels very mafia’ish and full of gangster stuff. Although not really that dark, it still has my attention with how everything is being handled behind the scene, where the top brass is always in control. Even the police doesn’t want to get involved directly with the gangsters, and relies on other gangster members to eliminate each other. The use of Alex (the prostitute) shows us how harsh the nature of the city is.


There is a few character introductions, but i’m sure there is more in the next episode or so. So far I’m liking the show. They didn’t throw much information at the viewers yet, but they definitely give us a taste of action to come. The show involves numerous moments involving sex and drugs, that effectively portrayed the rough conditions of the city and the grittiness of the series. Despite doing all that, the soundtrack selection makes the show felt more like watching an episode of a cool crime/gangster series.


So far so good. I think it’s a strong start for Gangsta. I like how they introduce the characters briefly and how they manage to explain the setting in a pretty interesting way. Expectation meet, and I might actually blog about this show every week. There is more shows to look into, so I might not actually blog them all in the end. Expect more first impressions from me soon.


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