Gangsta. Episode 9

Very action-packed episode this week. They finally revealed who is causing all this trouble, as well as who Erica is. Nice to see that they started where it was left off this week. Now that they have revealed who the bad guy is and all, it’s going to get interesting. We also know more about Nicolas and what rank he actually is. To think there is someone stronger and more powerful than a rank A/0.


I like that there is a lot of action this week. I don’t think there has been an episode that have this much action before. As expected it was the Monroe family all along who is causing all this problems. They already showed that part a bit, but they didn’t really confirm it before. This little kid who is with Erica is pretty strong, like way too strong. That big guy Galahad can’t even defeat that little kid, they were pretty much outmatched.


Good thing there is Worick to signal everyone else. So it seems that there is always backup coming from the other families, when one of them is in trouble. Nice to know. So in the end it turns out Nicolas is a faker, he isn’t really in the A/0 class, but just B/5. That’s really low. The use of too much upper seems to increase his ability by a lot. But that’s definitely gonna effect him in the long run for sure.


Nicolas could pretty much die back then if it wasn’t for the reinforcements. To think that there is someone stronger, and S/5 rank is pretty amazing. That S/5 girls is too fast and strong, but I bet there is someone stronger than her. So that Erica girl is actual Delico’s sister, I see the resemblance, but never thought they were related. This episode tells us that there is someone stronger than Nicolas, and this is really going to be a big problem.


Just how is Nicolas going to deal with the other guys from the Monroe family I wonder. I guess he is going to have some support from the other guild, but that’s just it. Looks like Alex’s little brother joined the wrong side as well, he will probably make a u-turn in the future, so he might be one of the allies as well. This is getting good, and I’m excited about the possibilities already.Looks like the next episode is probably going to be a recap, since they indicate it’s 9.5. I wonder if it’s worth the watch. I’ll watch it, but if they are going to just recap on what happened, there might not be a Gangsta post next week. I hope you like this episode, because I like it a lot. Thanks for reading guys.


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