Gangsta. Episode 8

Another good episode for Gangsta. They seems to always find something new to tell us. This week’s episode focused on Alex, her lovely body and her singing talent. That’s part of it, but the main reason behind all this is to link everything up with Alex’s little brother. Interesting that there are some funny moments this week, it’s really rare to have some humor in the show. A nice touch nonetheless.


As always the more we watch the show, the more stuff is revealed. Part of the interesting stuff is that they finally told us what each role all of those 4 family does for the town. We get to know more about the Christiano’s family as well. Christiano looks like a good family though, kinda friendly. Each family plays an important part, and has their own important role. Without one of them, everyone could be at a huge risk. Interesting how the system works, so that’s how they keep the balance.


I really like the Alex moment the most, even at the start, when she started to hallucinate again. It’s nice to see Nicolas comforting Alex when she needed him most. What triggered it was when Connie asked her about her family. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, whether she had a family or not, good thing is we at least know she had a little brother. She didn’t mentioned her dad though. I bet he must have not been a good dad to her.


The singing part is kinda the best part. Before we get to that, I have to say Alex is damn hot! That dress, that body, that voice, she is perfect. Sad thing is, she used to be a prostitute, that the only downside of it. Though she was actually forced into all of this, so I guess I could turn a blind eye. The part where she sings is great though, not only because of her beautiful voice, but also the part where she finally remembers how her brother looked like. It was a bit touching, and such a great moment.


So we’re gonna see her brother next week, this should be interesting. Is Alex gonna part ways with the Handyman? Maybe, but I doubt it. There is also that Erica girl that they keep teasing us since last week. About time she does something besides teasing us, seriously. How about Veronica, they should get on that too next week. Overall, the series has been great so far. It has gone beyond then what I expected it to be. Can’t wait for next week, thanks for reading.


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