Gangsta. Episode 7

More flashback about Worick as well as Nicolas. I think this is probably the last flashback we will see about their past. There might be more about Veronica and stuff, but as for Worick’s past, they probably concluded it in this episode. Very well told, and interesting to watch.


Finally they got to the good part about their past. We finally know why Worick lost one of his eye’s, as well as the reason behind his father’s death. Not only that, they also concluded the part about Nicolas and his dad as well. It was really sad story for Nicolas, not so sad for Worick in my opinion. The sudden rampage Nicolas did was surprising, but I guess it’s for the better. Everything doesn’t seems to work out for them, but in the end, I guess they moved on, and turned over a new leaf.


I like how the episode started though, the upbeat music setting up a good mood for the start of the show is kinda nice. Nicolas jumping around with that little girl, looks fun. He really took care of that girl good. I’m afraid something bad might happen to her though in the future, it seems very likely. That Doug guy on the other hand, looks pretty friendly now. Looks like he doesn’t wanna meet Nicolas again and cross path. Pretty sure Doug will die, if they ever fight again.


The show is gonna get pretty interesting soon. Everything looks set for some good action stuff. There is a new girl called Erica as well, looks like she hunts for those with tags. Finally someone who can finally beat Nicolas? Maybe. With most of the flashback over now, I hope they get into the action part of the show. Hope it’s not gonna be slow anymore, or I’ll definitely be disappointed, as I was hoping for lots of action when I first watch it. Also we need to more about Veronica yes? Looking forward to the next episode, hope it’s a good one.


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