Gangsta. Episode 6

This episode was pretty bittersweet overall. Bittersweet as in the relationship Worick has with Nicolas. As well as that moment with Alex. They are finally advancing more towards the plot now, and I like it. It’s a bit slow yes, but the past story makes up for that. No actions, but it was still interesting overall.


I like the past part a lot. Especially when they showed us how close Worick and Nicolas gets. Even without sign language, Worick understands very well how Nicolas feels. That’s really shows you have close they are, and how much they understand about each other. No wonder those two has been together till now. The part where Worick and Nicolas was abused and beaten, wasn’t a pleasant thing to see though. But now I know why they shed blood and stuff. It seems that it might be about revenge or maybe there is a particular situation where Nicolas wants to protect Worick. Remember the scene about seeing Worick’s father dead? Yeah i’m talking about that part, the first flashback.


I like that there is also a glimpse of the past of Nicolas with Veronica as well. Seems like they are very close together, but nothing much was revealed apart from an arm being cut off. I’m guessing it’s one of Veronica’s arm, but for what reason, they didn’t reveal anything yet. That’s what keeps the show interesting. Those little bits of information being in every episode. I’m sure in the last episode, we might be blown away when everything is connected together, making one good series as a whole.


Besides that, the cliffhanger last week, as I expected. It was Dr.Theo visiting Alex, but because of her illusion and stuff, she kinda attacks Theo. I kinda feel sorry for Alex as she goes back to her regular prostitute routine. I wish Theo would have stopped her from doing that, but I think he is thinking ahead, and thought that he couldn’t. Wish Worick came back early for her, to settle things down a bit. I find it a bit romantic and tragic at the same stuff. It was really a nice moment. That headbutt was really needed, and I can’t think of a proper time for anyone to do a headbutt other then that particular moment, lol!  It was a bittersweet moment.


Overall it was really a nice episode. Slow and steady it is, and the utilization of the background music of the piano playing in the background, was really nice. I also like that Nicolas was deaf, they really use that part well, as well. The character development gets interesting every week, and I just wanna know more. Sure most of those who watched Gangsta where expecting more action, but I kinda like the pace, and the direction they are heading. It’s all about the storytelling, it seems. Looking forward for next week’s episode of Gangsta. Thanks for reading.


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