Gangsta. Episode 5


That’s a good one on one fight between Nicolas and Doug. Finally we get to know some new characters in this episode, as well as the name of the girl Nicolas like. There is also the Corsica, which is one of the guild in the series. Besides that, we get to know more about the Celebrer drug Nicolas is taking.


The fight looks pretty even between Nicolas and Doug, but as the drug wears out, Doug kinda lost the battle. The fight was longer then I expected, so that’s a good thing. Looks like Nicolas is taking more of that drug that he is suppose to take, and it will be bad for him. I guess Nicolas wants to be on the same state as his lover. Finally they revealed the name, which is Veronica. Now I just wanna know more about Veronica.


They explained about the drugs they are using as well in this episode, which is the Celebrer. Although not that well, but I can see how it works. There is the upper and the downer. Upper is obvious the one that gives them the enhancement, while the downer is a tranquilizer. Both the upper and downer is obviously something that needs to be taken together, to neutralize the effect, maybe. Like I said back in episode 3, it’s something those Twilight have to take, to keep them alive. Not taking them probably means that they might actually die.


As for Alex’s situation it’s clearly not the guy she is expecting. She is hallucinating, and it’s obvious that the guy that came by was actually Dr.Theo. No abduction or anything, Dr.Theo just came by to invite her to help at his clinic or something. Pretty sure this was obvious, with the lab coat and everything. So now I just wanna know more about Veronica, hope they will do that next week. Overall a pretty good episode. That’s all from me, thanks for reading.


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