Gangsta. Episode 4

I’m impressed. This episode was pretty great, so much hype at the end. Lots of history, character deepening, introduction, plot development, man this had a lot of everything. It’s a very interesting one, and the pacing from the current events, to the past, back to back was just nicely done. I’m still concerned that we know less about the villain though, but I guess it will be revealed soon enough.


I like the backstory about Worick and Nicolas. Worick doesn’t look that cool back when he was a kid. Looks like some spoiled brat actually, but as he gets older, he gets better. The transformation seems a lot. From a spoiled kid, to someone who is actually very well composed and serious in his teenage years, and now he has a happy-go-lucky kinda personality. So much has happened in his life, resulting in all this changes. Very interesting and I’d like to know more about it. Worick has some amazing skill as well. He should actually just join the cops and become a detective or something. His memory is just amazing.


We need more Alex. Sadly there is only little of her this week. At least we know that she has some backstory in store for us when the time comes. The actions this week was pretty good, but not as epic as what I was hoping for. So Nicolas actually meet someone at the same level as him, this is definitely gonna get interesting.


That cliffhanger at the end got me hyped and wanting for more. Looks to me like there is going to be one epic battle coming up for sure. Nicolas vs that small kid. I’m not betting for Nicolas, but I think it’s gonna be one hell of a fight. Either one of them could lose, or we could see something stupid like one of them running away, or some cops interrupting the fight. Oh well, I hope for the best. So far, so good and I’m looking forward for more Gangsta.


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