Gangsta. Episode 3


Gangsta is a bit slow this week, but it’s still good considering we get to know more about Worick. Delivering drugs seems to cover most part of the show this week. Vague information here and there, that keeps us wanting to know more. I’m pretty curious about lots of stuff. They know how to keep us wanting to know more.


Worick seems to have a rough childhood, with his parents dead, and the murder case never being solved. I guess that’s one the reason he starts being a gigolo and all. He is pretty famous with the ladies as well, and he seems to have regular customers. The girl he is with doesn’t look bad, maybe they are getting together or something, you never know. Also that dream Worick had, the one who murdered his family, looks like Nicolas. Interesting indeed, but not having the serial number behind his back might mean otherwise. That katana looks similar though.


Nicolas and Alex on the other hand is delivering drugs all around town. Not much going on between them while they were delivering, just that Alex got the feeling she is definitely getting into some deep shit. As if she is already not. The interesting part this week is that Nicolas might actually have someone that he actually loves. The girl that the sugar mommy think doesn’t have much time left, I guess it’s that girl maybe. Not sure in what condition the girl is, but I wish they would let us know more about it soon.


Well not much progression in terms of story, but definitely some progression in character development. We’re getting somewhere. It seems Nicholas is taking that Celebrer drug too. I guess it’s some enhancement thing that makes him strong, or something they just use to keep themselves alive. Just a guess and they also mentioned Twilight. I guess all Twilights needs it. I’ve been thinking about Worick actually being dog tags as well. It seems possible that he might be one of them too. He seems skilled enough.


Overall I think the show is setting up for something really big. Until that time comes, I guess we will keep seeing all this little bits of information, a little by little. I just hope there is some more actions, and some bad guys to kick. That’s what i’m expecting, since the anime name is gangsta. Get to the serious part soon, or all this curiosity and interest fades away.


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