Another good episode for Gangsta. I think they will get even better in the future. So far there isn’t anything to be disappointed about. There were some action and they kinda explained more about Nicolas, as well as about those dog tags. The show is keeping a lot of secrets, while revealing little by little in each episode. I like those style of show, it should get interesting the more we know about him. As of this point, i’ll only talk about what I think about the show, so mostly it’s going to be a lot of spoilers. Just a fair warning, for those who are new to this blog.


So we were introduced with a couple of new characters today. One of them which looks like a regular is Nina, a small kid who works with Dr. Theo. She works as a trainee nurse and probably learned all those sign languages from Nicolas. Nina visits the Benriya regularly but this time it looks like Dr. Theo is in trouble with some dog tag. So she needs the handyman’s help. I find that all this dog tags things very interesting though, we still don’t know much, but at least they are explaining it when it is needed so far.


So this dog tag guy with a B Class comes along and acting all mighty and powerful. Yeah he is kinda strong but that’s just it, all brawn and no brains. Lucky there is Nicolas to handle that. So it’s revealed that Nicolas an A/01 Class. From the looks for things he is really in a high class, but I wonder if there is someone else higher than him. That could cause a lot of problems. B Class guy got rekt and never returned.


It was an interesting episode yes, but for how long are they gonna keep the secret of the real badass behind all the mess, I wonder. We probably gonna know more about Nicolas’s past next episode and I hope it’s just as good. I can see that Alex is very scared about all of this, but I’m sure she will get used to it soon enough. Or maybe she will be more clueless than ever, so more information could be told for us, lol. Gangsta is good so far but a bit slow I guess. They saving all the awesome part later on I guess. Looking forward to that. As always thanks for reading, and I hope you guys won’t think about ever being a gangster. 😉


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