Gangsta. Episode 11

Episode was alright, but it felt kinda rushed. I have a feeling that they skipped a few chapters from the manga and didn’t explain some part of it. Pacing seems off as well, right after the overpowered bad guys appeared. Sadly there is no Worick or Nicolas this week. Story was pretty much focused on other side characters. Most of it is about Delico, Adriano, Constance, Doug as well as the guild.


As always it started cool with some nice background music and everything. So Delico is in search for his sister Erica. I’m not sure what he is going to do when he meets her, but if it’s a battle he is looking for, he is definitely gonna get himself rekt. There won’t be enough time either with just one more episode left. I just wonder how they are going to continue this one.


The next part about Alex remembering her brother’s name and everything is kinda just that. But the part where Christiano told her that she would like to hear her sing again kinda worries me. It’s like we might not see Christiano again after this, and that Constance part, damn will I be sad if either one of them dies. Everything at the guild is a mess, but the leader Gina is as cool as fuck. She doesn’t seems worried at all, maybe because Ginger is strong and by her side. I think Gina herself is pretty strong as well, by the looks of it.


Sad thing is Doug died. Kinda expected though, the death flag could be seen since last week. Doug didn’t even get a chance to fight or escape, it was kinda sad to see him dying just like that. Those new bad guys is damn overpowered. I can only see that Ginger girl beating them, she seems overpowered too. Aside from that maybe they will introduce some stronger character if there is ever gonna be a 2nd season.


The way the anime is heading it doesn’t look good in my opinion. It felt really rushed, maybe they actually need a few more episode to make it good, but I guess we won’t get any. Just one more episode till the end of this anime. I heard the manga is still on-going, and the anime isn’t far off from the manga, so if you are expecting a 2nd season soon, we won’t get any in maybe a few more years, sadly. What worries me is that how is the ending going to be? Just how are they gonna close this season. My guess is we are probably going to suffer with a huge cliffhanger soon. I don’t see any other way to be honest. With all the conflict and everything going on, don’t expect any good ending coming your way next week. Not looking good right now, but I hope we’ll get something good next week. Thanks for reading.


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