Gangsta. Episode 10

It felt like Gangsta didn’t release for a while now. I doubt I miss anything from not watching that recap 9.5 episode last week. Things is sorta chill this week in Gangsta, but despite all that, everything is kinda being plotted from the shadows. Things doesn’t look good at all for the good guys. I doubt it’s getting any better anytime soon. From the way I see it the guild is going to go into an all-out war, at least for one of them, while the others still being allies.


I like that there are still stuff that they could let us know. Like more information about the Twilight, and what Celebrer does and all that. But at this point I think most of the people already know what it is, just that they try to explain it a little bit more. They even mentioned about Worick’s special ability, so turns out it’s some sort of disorder, but a pretty good one. They even tease us a bit, probably Veronica maybe? The girl that Worick saw, instead of Alex.


Things doesn’t look good for the guys. All those new Twilight from one of the betraying guild looks super strong. Probably S rank and above, since Doug couldn’t even see them move, it’s that fast. I just wonder how Nicolas and the others is going to beat them in the end. Looks like a tough one. Alex’s little brother might just switch sides, and then there is only 1 S rank girl from another guild that could beat them. Yeah that fast girl that saved Nicolas back when Christiano’s family was attacked, that girl. Maybe Erica will help Delico, who knows, but other than that, it might be possible that we might see Veronica maybe? I hope we do.


Interesting how everything looks really one sided at the moment, and it doesn’t favor the good guys. How are they gonna pull this off, I wonder. Now that we know that Nicolas isn’t really one of the strongest guy in the show, I have little confidence in him. The way I see it, if two A ranks where to combine forces together against an S rank, it might just be possible that they could win, other than that I’m not sure how they can get out of this without dying. Well looking forward to it. Next episode is just in 2 days time by the way, so this is gonna be good.


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