Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works S2 Episode 10


As expected, nothing much happened in this episode. It’s more like Unlimited Talk Works. There is a lot of talking going on, but not much progress. I was hoping for some romance too, but not much really happened between Shirou and Tohsaka. Shirou did attempt something though, lol! Undressing their shirts was very anti-climatic as well. They actually didn’t put that awesome part from the VN, which is a big disappointment to me. Could have been better if they included it.


The only thing that is nice about this episode is Shirou being able to see some of Tohsaka’s past memories. So linking their mana together actually shares their memory as well, cool! Implanting that magic crest would definitely help in the upcoming battle and the previous UBW movie didn’t have anything about it. Shirou was like super OP out of nowhere, and could do pretty much everything which didn’t make sense. At least they had the pleasure of explaining things in detail this time.


Not quite sure what Saber new dream is though. But she has a new resolve now, which I think is nice. As for Shinji he gets what he deserve. What a scum and a piece of shit to humanity, he should really die a painful death. So the final battle will begin in the next episode. This gonna be good man. Can’t wait for those lovely action animation by Ufotable. Thanks for reading, as always.


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