Dagashi Kashi First Impressions


This anime is just entertaining. Definitely worth the watch so far. It’s pretty funny, and find this show really relaxing, maybe because of the atmosphere and the settings. What I like that most about this show has to be that purple haired girl. She is the best thing about the show so far. The animation is pretty good as well for this type of show, and the character design is alright I guess, nothing amazing. There is a bunch of reference from other anime shows as well, which is pretty nice. If you want something entertaining this season, I guess Dagashi Kashi is the answer to that.


Lets get down to the characters first. The main character in this show is Shikada Kokonotsu and Shidare Hotaru. Kokonotsu is a guy who is interest in the 2d world. Although it’s not apparent, but Kokonotsu dad reveals that pretty early in the show. He seems normal at least, unlike Shidare Hotaru. Hotaru is one interesting girl, I really like her. It is what makes this show so good so far. She is very cute, energetic and speaks directly about anything that is in her mind. The other side characters plays a huge role in making this show great as well. Like Kokonotsu’s dad, most things that I laughed involves him in the process. Kokonotsu has one awesome dad. There is also that coffee shop girl Endou Saya, which is going to make this show a lot more interesting.


Besides the characters, the animation is pretty good. The background scenery and the environment was animated very well by Feel. My main problem at the start was the character design though, everything is alright except for the eyes, but that problem wasn’t really a problem at all in the end. Once I watch the anime for like 5 minutes or so, I got used to the eyes and everything is just fine in the end. The soundtrack is pretty nice too, just creates the atmosphere of living in small town far away from the city.


The story seems alright. Kokonotsu wants to be a manga artist, while his dad wants him to inherit his candy shop. Then comes Hotaru in the show, where she wants Kokonotsu’s dad to work for her dad’s company. However, Kokonotsu’s dad will only agree if she can convince Kokonotsu to take over the family business. A good enough start to get us watching this in my opinion. Endou Saya might also be playing some important role in this anime as well, just watch it if you haven’t, to find out about it. It’s gonna be one hell of a fun show.


Overall, I really enjoyed watching this show. It made me laughed a few times, and Hotaru just makes the show fun to watch for me. The opening song and ending song is pretty good too. I kinda wish the opening song was longer because the best part was too short and it ends right after. I need to full version of the opening song. I’d recommend anyone to watch this if they are into comedy and slice of life. Everyone who watches this is going to like it, I don’t see much problem for anyone to not pick this up. Thanks for reading, look forward for more first impressions soon.


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