Dagashi Kashi Episode 5


Kinda a bit late this week, but still lets talk about this episode. I find it really good that they managed to still keep me entertained this week. There was that shady scene, youtube video, as well as Hotaru’s bad luck in gambling. Most of what Dagashi Kashi is trying to do is to make kids or young adults like us, like sweets again. I guess that’s the whole point of it, and it also felt like they are advertising some of the sweets while they are at it. It’s a good episode for me, but the lack of Saya this week might be a downside for those who likes her more than Hotaru. As for me, I’m on team Hotaru!


That shady scene between Kokonotsu’s dad and Hotaru though. I’m really not sure what they were up to, but it really did felt like they were lovers at the end, lol! While it’s obviously not the case, I guess it’s more of Hotaru and You having the same taste in sweets. I even like that Bottled Ramune when I was little, it was really nice. They did portray what most people experience when they first try the candy out. Spot on.


That Youtube video scene was kinda funny as well. You making a video of sweets? I really didn’t expect him to make one. I kinda cringed when he was like “yo, yo, yo!” It was really terrible. But I think it was going as planned for You. All he wanted was Kokonotsu’s reaction to make his video a hit. I like how realistic the video view count was as well. They didn’t exaggerate things and go with a big number, but keeps it logical.


The other half of the show was pretty good too. I like seeing Hotaru’s different side. This time we found out that Hotaru has the worst luck when it comes to gambling. She literally lose everything. I like that Hotaru’s outfit is sorta different too this week. She looks really nice. Although the clothing design didn’t change much, it was fresh. Hotaru’s reaction when she lose is kinda priceless, and it’s cute too! As expect from one of my favorite girl this season. I like the part where she ran away because she lost the bet. She knows that she is into one hell of a trouble, lol!


Overall I’m liking the show as it is now. Sure there was that one episode where I find the series not so good, but overall the series is pretty solid for me. The slice of life part of the show is what I like the most. While I can’t say it’s really slice of life, but it definitely felt like one. Just Kokonotsu and Hotaru doing stupid stuff all the time because of their love for Japanese sweets. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I do, but I do believe this show isn’t for everyone. Those who are usually critical about shows they watch and always takes things seriously, probably won’t like it that much. For me it’s fun to watch, so I’ll keep on watching still. Hotaru alone is enough to keep me going, and Kokonatsu’s dad is always hilarious when he makes his appearance. Saya is actually pretty nice too, but I kinda wish she had more screen time sometimes. Well that’s all from me this week, see you!


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