Dagashi Kashi Episode 4


Not a bad episode overall. They kinda got a bit overboard this week with some sexual ideas. While I was hoping for something creative this time, what they did this week was make things a bit lewd. So Japan! I think this episode was entertaining still, that snack guessing, and that running scene, everything was good thanks to Hotaru.


The part where I said that this anime wasn’t that interesting if it was just Hotaru and Kokonotsu was proved wrong this week. I think with an interesting topic/event, things could still be interesting. I still kinda prefer if they get all the other characters involved as well. If it was just Saya and Kokonotsu, things could be boring. Good thing it’s always Hotaru though.


That snack guessing was interesting, when they got into that lewd scene. It was fairly short but the scene looks so wrong. I’m just glad they didn’t go with a brown colored snack or something, because it could have look even worst. Not that I mind really 😛 Hotaru is always positive though, it’s hard to think that she ever has any dirty thoughts on her mind at all. It was a bit funny when Kokonotsu’s dad appeared and think they were doing something erotic together. I wish his dad would appear more often.


The other half of the show wasn’t bad either. I like the part where Hotaru looks a lot more beautiful than usual when she tied her hair. That ponytail hair, reminds me of my no.1 waifu Eli Ayase. Hotaru definitely looks a lot attractive that way. They were running a lot but I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t much good boob physics lol! When Hotaru was super tired and Kokonotsu just left her there, I was really disappointed about that part. He could have been more of a gentleman or something. I know I definitely would if such scenario happened. It was kinda funny how they tried to make it dramatic though.


In the end the running was all pointless because Saya was able to look into the sketchbook anyway. With that means Kokonotsu is pretty much dead. I wonder if there is any effect in the future, but I don’t think it’s such a big deal, unless you are Saya of course. Not a bad episode overall. There was more effort in terms of animation since they were running and all. Not sure what kinda of crazy ideas they got next week, but I hope it’s a lot crazier. Thanks for reading.


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