Dagashi Kashi Episode 3


Now that’s a fun episode to watch. After the disappointing 2nd episode, I thought that the 3rd episode might be similar, but turns out it’s as good as the first episode. As mentioned in the previous post, it’s a lot more interesting when all the character plays apart in the show. They definitely did just that this week. Bunch of stuff going on too, and guess what Kokonotsu’s dad is back, lol! I really like his dad.


It’s summer and it’s really hot, but it got hotter when Hotaru is around. Sure she is hot, but she had to turn of the aircon during the summer and boil hot water to make it hotter. Good thing is Tou knows what to wait for though. Such a hentai Tou is, but it’s really nice seeing Hotaru eat, such foodporn. I really didn’t expect them to go as far as revealing Hotaru’s bra though. That got a bit too far I guess, but not a bad thing šŸ˜‰


This episode is really fun to watch, I really like the pool part. They were all excited to see all the girl in swimsuitsĀ in the pool, but no one was there, rofl! Good thing Kokonotsu’s dad was around, he was the best part as always. That conspiring between Kokonotsu’s dad and Hotaru was unexpected though. It was really funny for me. Never mind the failure part, at least I got to see Hotaru in her swimsuit! She still looks nice with the jacket. Saya on the other hand really looks like a grade school student though, such disappointment.


The 3rd part was just as fun to watch. Hotaru vs Tou. Although Tou didn’t mean anything Hotaru though she was challenged. That baseball throw was nice and funny. Knowing the sweet is still rotating in Tou’s mouth, lol! The part where Hotaru goes to the cafe wasn’t bad either, I really like the part when sheĀ talks with Saya. They are really good friends.


I kinda notice that there was actually a lot of info about sweets every time Hotaru introduced some new sweets. Although it’s trivial, but it’s actually not bad at all. The new ending song, not bad. I really love the energy Hotaru gives every time she talks. We’ll be seeing a lot of those as always, but hopefully they don’t ran out of ideas like the 2nd episode. I’m very satisfied about this episode though. It’s very entertaining, and fun again. Hoping for the best for the next episode. Thanks for reading.


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