Dagashi Kashi Episode 2


The second episode wasn’t as good as the first, but still fun to watch. It lack humor because Kokonatsu’s dad isn’t around this time. All the candy treats, Hotaru being drunk and that card game kinda makes it decent to watch at least. Can’t say I’m really pleased about this episode. Quite a lot of downsides unlike the first episode. It lacks creativity, and it’s still kinda early to run out of ideas this early in the series.


I was disappointed that there isn’t much to laugh this time. After watching it till the end, I found out that this show is really not that good with just Hotaru and Kokonatsu around. It needs at least one more character to make it better. While Hotaru is really lively, I can’t say the same about Kokonatsu. He is so normal, that it kinda bores me. Saya kinda saved this episode at the end, but overall it was decent I guess. Hopefully the next episode is a lot more interesting.


The Kinako stick part wasn’t that bad, but that Namaiki beer part is at least a lot more interesting to me. Seeing Hotaru drunk is kinda nice, but she is just blabbering nonsense most of the time, kinda wish she did something crazier. At least she is cute when she is drunk. I really don’t like Ramune Whistle part, that’s probably what makes the show kinda meh this week. The menko card game was the best part of the show though. Seeing Saya being better than everyone else was kinda good. The shocking face from Kokonatsu and Hotaru was priceless.


I just hope the show gets back on track soon, because I don’t feel like blogging if the show isn’t that good. It’ll just make me look bad, because I’ll start whining and complaining again. What would make this show good if there is more characters in it. Kokonatsu and Hotaru alone just doesn’t cut it for me. I guess I miss having Kokonatsu’s dad around? Probably. Having Saya around more often would make it good too. Hopefully it gets better in the next episode, because this episode is just decent for me. Thanks for reading.


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