Chobits Review


Hey everyone, it’s time for something mushy. If you’re a fan of action and the like…well, I’ll review something like that next week. Chobits seems to be set in a futuristic society, but it may be better just to call it a sort of alternate present. I say this because most of the other technology is the same, but one thing is different. While we use personal computers (and this society uses them too, but sparingly), in this society, there is also the existence of humanoid computers called Persocoms. Our main character, Hideki Motosuwa (I had to stop myself from saying Ryuga), is a farm boy that comes to the city to attend a prep school to go to college. Although he would like a Persocom of his own, he doesn’t have the money to buy one. However, one evening on his way home, he finds a Persocom just lying on the ground, and he ends up taking it home. After turning it on, he finds out that it is unable to talk and can only say “Chi”, which is what he names her. As the story progresses, Hideki learns more about Chi’s past and about who she really is. It’s a pretty cute story with lots of romance and side arcs. The series tends to alternate the mood with the some of the episodes being very intense and dramatic, while other episodes are just plain silly. The story also often comes across the theme of placing artificial humans before real ones.

Story: Score 9/10

The characters of this series are for the most part good. However, the lead, Hideki, doesn’t really strike me as interesting. He’s just an average sort of person that messes up a lot and tends to get into awkward situations. Chi, on the other hand, is a ridiculously cute character that we watch go from having the basic knowledge of an infant to being able to basically take care of herself (she’s an advanced Persocom that can learn). Besides the lead, there are countless other side characters, each with their own problems that end up being resolved.

Characters: Score 8/10

The animation of this series looks great, and is classically CLAMP-looking. The music of the series also impressed me, especially the opening. The background music has a delightful scope to fit each scene perfectly.

Animation: Score 9/10

Music: Score 9/10

While all of these things look good, the series takes a while to pick up. If you’re into a love story with a twist as well as lots of comedy, then it’s not a bad deal. Although most of the more dramatic and exciting bits are slow to show up, the series did a good job of keeping my interest until that happened. Also, it’s hard not to watch Chi do the cute things she does.

Final Score: 8/10


  1. Chobits is one of the first few animes that I watch when I first started watching anime.
    It's one of the best anime for me and one that I should remember.
    I love the funny part of the story and also the pervert part. The show is just hilarious.
    There is also a sad part in it and also some funny scary parts in the anime.
    Chi is so cute. I myself would love to get a persocom myself šŸ™‚

  2. I loved Chobits, I own the DVD set and Complete manga set. The manga is far better than the anime, but I still enjoyed it a great deal.

    • I have the DVD as well. šŸ™‚ Have yet to read the manga, maybe I should give it a try in the near future šŸ™‚ Glad you like the anime.

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