Charlotte Episode 8


This week’s episode was pretty good and heartwarming. After the things that happened last week, I wonder how the situation of Yuu is going to improve. Looks like he recovered well. There’s have a lot of Yusarin this week, and a special guest from one of Zhiend vocalist, Sala. There is also a new song, one from Yusarin and the other one is from Zhiend. Pretty good song.


There is a lot of Yusarin at the start, and I really like it. Yusarin is soo kawaii, definitely the cutest. I feel like being one of her fans too, but not as big as Joujirou of course. I really like cute girls, doing cute stuff. Her voice suits her well as well. Love it! There is also a new song from Yusarin, and it was good. I like the song a lot, but the music video is kinda random as in the background. Despite the randomness, I’m sure the fans will love it. Just look at Joujirou’s reaction, lol!


Looks like Yuu really recovered well. I was thinking he would be a bit sad and all, but he is kinda positive all the way. It’s kinda sad that he still has a habit of wanting to call her about dinner and stuff, but still it’s kinda normal, I guess. Looks like we are gonna see some romance or something next week. Nao and Yuu, going to watch Zhiend live. Looking forward to that, the part where they decided who goes to the Zhiend concert was sorta unnecessary though. We already know who is going from the start.


Yuu stumbled upon Sala, one of Zhiends lead singer. A blind girl ey, that’s new. I like her character design and voice, it’s pretty good. So she was wondering around for some Japanese food. I wonder if she could read people’s mind, if she has any powers or anything. By the looks of things, she looks normal though, but being able to tell how people’s feel is a nice thing. Base on the voice and the way a person’s breath ey. Everything she thinks is spot as well.


I think Nao would be a bit excited to meet Sala, but she wasn’t at all. She didn’t even meet her. Yuu is extremely nice to Sala as well, which is kinda surprising. I like the part where Yuu tried to help Nao’s brother recover. It works, and it seems Nao brother might just turn normal again. Nao calling Yuu to thank him and all, it felt kinda like they were really close and lovers already. What Yuu did was really nice, it’s like returning the favor of all the good things Nao did to him. He also finally realize that Nao is part of what changed him for the better. And that voice from Sala, such beautiful voice.


Pretty good episode overall. I like that Sala girl a lot, and that kawaiiness from Yusarin at the start was a plus. What’s gonna happen next is sort of obvious. I’m hoping for some romance maybe, but besides them getting together and all, I wonder what else will be told. Still i’m not sure where the direction this anime is going, and it’s hard to tell what will happen at the end of this series. But I bet there is more sadness and sorrow, maybe. Well thanks for reading as always. Have a nice day.



  1. Still a lot of mysteries surrounding the supernatural abilities, but at least it’s somewhat revealed that people can keep them from the looks of it… I’m quite curious what will happen next considering that Nao’s brother got cured through a miracle.

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