Charlotte Episode 13


Can’t say the ending was really that good in the end. It was alright, but it definitely felt rushed. Could have been better if this anime is actually longer, to give more of an impact at the end. So Yuu is going on a journey, all around the world to steal everyone’s powers. I think everyone is definitely skeptical of how Yuu is going to plunder all of the people’s powers. My guess was right though from last week, all he needed to do is find the guy with the ability to detect those special abilities and he is all set.


How it started was kinda funny, because the way Yuu speaks in English. At first it turns out to be fine for Yuu, but the longer he starts getting more and more abilities, his true self becomes disarray. Losing his mind, and became crazy in the end. It was cool at first because he was well composed, but when he started getting crazy and all emotional, it starts getting bad for a bit.


The only things that makes him remember what he is doing was that translation note from Nao, and it’s the only thing that keeps him going. Funny how he can’t remember anything in the end. Not even his memories with his friends. I guess it is one of the effects for having too much abilities at one time. There is so much one could take. Also the part where his body goes on autopilot was weird too. Yuu definitely has lots of issues though, his emotional state is always unstable, and that’s what cause all this, I guess.


Most of the episode was just about him plundering everyone’s powers. Action wise it was actually quite good. The ending in the end was alright. I like that it had a happy ending in the end. But other than that, not so much. In some way it felt rushed, and if the last part was actually suppose to make me cry, it definitely didn’t happen. It was sweet though, I love the part when Yuu got back to Nao. Also the part where Nao keeps her promise was nice. I like that Yuu keeps asking questions and asking Nao not to cry, that was actually nice.


In the end, the ending was actually quite alright. I thought the finale could have been really good if the anime was actually longer though. No bullshit Maeda reset this time, thank God! I like that it only focused on the main character as well. Sad that the other character didn’t really have much part of it though. For a Key anime, there is actually a lack of drama this time. Kinda wish there was more drama for this anime, could have made it a whole lot better.


Overall, I think the anime was good. The last few episodes wasn’t as great as how it started though, and it kinda got a bit repetitive in the middle. Still there are lots of positive than negative about this anime, so that’s good. Animation is always nice, as expected by Key and PA Works. Character wise it was kinda alright. The main character especially Yuu was an interesting one, I actually liked Nao too. But a lot of the other characters kinda just play a little role in the anime, just to fill the gap. This anime could have turned out terrible if the ending wasn’t a happy ending one. If it was a sad ending, I think everyone would have rage at the end, lol! I’m ok with this anime, it wasn’t really that amazing, but it had its moments. Did you like it? Well let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you guys next season. Jaa ne.



  1. While everyone is debating over whether or not Charlotte is a bad or good show, it was decent and could have been better. Still, this episode pretty much goes to say that great power comes with great responsibility, especially when Yuu almost considered world domination. At least the impossible became possible in the end.

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