The show is a bit slow considering it’s already almost ending. Despite that, there is some interesting development happening, so it’s all good. Most of the episode is just about Yuu being hospitalized and everyone visiting him. They also closed the story about Misa as well, which I think is just nice. The next episode will be the most interesting one I hope. Just how are they gonna conclude the show will determine if it’s good series or not for me.


Such panic from the start, to think that every time he is panicked the collapse power will be activated, that’s kinda scary. It was really gloomy from the start, but when Joujirou visited, things got a lot lively. Beef curry to the rescue. Joujirou and Yuu is always fired up when it comes to eating. They are good friends, but the only thing they show is kinda just the food part most of the time. Kinda wish they would show some other stuff too between them. Surprisingly Joujirou didn’t have any backstory at all though, unlike Yusarin and Nao. He was kinda one of the main characters too. Or did I actually forgot something happen for him before? I think not.


The Yusarin part wasn’t bad in my opinion. More Yusarin is always nice. I like her a lot. Cream stew and Yusarin cute pawaa! I like that they close the Misa story. It was nice of Yuu to suggest Misa to go and visit her parents, and then comes the funny part. To think Yusarin had a great idea to visit her parents. They turn it into a TV show, well that was kinda unexpected. The part that Yuu got to see Misa saying some stuff to her parents was kinda a nice touch.  At least there was some closure there.


The next part was kinda the most important part. Nao visiting Yuu and suggesting him what he should do next. As expected by Nao, she always has some good idea, but this time the idea is kinda impossible to execute. Just how is Yuu going to loot all the superpowers all around the world, I wonder. Then comes the romance part. The confession was kinda meh and at the wrong moment, but what happened after the confession was kinda nice. Nao and Yuu made a promise to meet each other again after Yuu rescues all the other ability wielders. I think Nao likes Yuu too, just that she doesn’t show it. Yuu’s reason loving Nao though was nice.


So how will this end, I’m really not sure. The main concern is already answered though. The part where Yuu’s brother think the organization that hunts for them probably has someone with the same power as Pooh. So the search would probably be easy for him, if he could get that power. Yet I’m not sure how long it’s going to take him to loot all the powers, so that should be interesting to see. Just one more episode to conclude everything, I just hope it’s not rushed. Tell the final episode in a good way that makes it felt not rushed, and all will be good, I guess. Hopefully the ending is going to be good as well, that’s what concerns me most at the moment. Maybe it will be one of those extended episode where it’s longer, I kinda hope so, because every show needs one for the final episode in my opinion. Looking forward to the last episode next week, thanks for reading.


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