Boku Dake ga Inai Machi First Impressions


Wow! I’m impressed. This anime has huge potential. I think it could be one of this season’s best shows. Well at least it’s certainly one of the best so far after one episode. The atmosphere in this anime is just great, and for a first episode a lot of stuff kinda happened. I haven’t read the manga, but I heard good thing about it. Seriously didn’t expect it to be this good. A lot of stuff is kinda spoiler to talk about, so I’ll keep my mouth shut about that, so you guys can enjoy this post spoiler free. I’ll just talk about the art, and etc, without revealing any plot.


They definitely have a lot of budget for this anime. There is a lot of stuff that’s animated just for this episode. Not to mention how good the quality is since it’s done by A-1 Pictures. Everything for the first episode is just nicely done, from the beginning till the end. The plot itself is compact and just amazing. I heard that the whole first volume of the manga was used just to adapt the first episode. After the end of the first episode, I was just left amazed by what happened. I just wanted more of it, and I’m actually considering to reading the manga now. Usually it would take a while for me to think about reading the manga, but this show kinda convinced me early, a bit too early.


Now lets get down to the characters. We were introduced to a few characters so far. Satoru Fujinuma a struggling manga artist who is kinda haunted about his past. He kinda doesn’t want to delve deep in his mind because he is afraid of his past. While the manga artist part doesn’t seem to play much of a role in the series, his supernatural power does. As for the other side characters there is 2 of them introduced so far. One of them is Satoru’s mom, Sachiko Fujinuma and the other one is his co-worker Airi Katagiri. I like Airi, she is very friendly, straight forward and cheerful. Nothing much from her so far. As for Satoru’s mom, she seems to young to be 52 years old, she looks like she is in her 30s. Besides that she is a good cook, her personality is also nice, very observant an pretty protective.


As I’ve already mentioned the atmosphere in this show is just great. They utilized the music pretty well, and every time there is some sort of flashback, I’m like totally in a different environment. The soundtrack definitely sets the tone, mood, as well as everything that’s happening. Don’t forget the sound design as well, from the sound of the paper flying around, the clock ticking, footsteps and everything else. All the small sounds detail kinda plays a role at that as well. They definitely put a lot of work in this anime. I just kinda feel like I’m watching a movie.


Overall, this show is a must watch. I haven’t seen anything like it, and the potential for this anime to be one of the best this season is there as well, no doubt about it. Really good animation, great character, and has an amazing atmosphere and soundtrack. The ending song is pretty good too. After I’m done writing this, I’m going to recommend this anime to a bunch of my friends. I’m pretty sure they will like it. So that’s it from me, what are you waiting for, just watch this show already.


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