Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 7


Desperate times call for desperate measures. That’s what all this episode is about. I can say that it felt a bit too fast in terms of pacing, but everything did go well overall. There is a lot of Kenya too this week, and more Kayo is good, always good. Sotaru our hero of justice, the time is now. Just how will things turn out after this episode, I have no idea but things are really getting interesting.


As expected Satoru goes back in time and tries to change things again. What comes a bit of a surprise is that Kenya is involved this time. The thing is I’m not so sure if Kenya is actually a big help for Satoru or he is just going to be trouble for him. Sure he has helped Satoru, but things doesn’t feel right for me. If you remember that scene from before where Kenya was talking to the sensei a few episodes back, they kinda pause at that part for a moment, and it seems crucial. The murderer who I think is the sensei is relying on Kenya to get information about Satoru, Kayo and the others.  What if Kenya end up telling the sensei something? And that is what caused the cliffhanger at the end. I just feel like it’s somehow a mistake there for Satoru, but who knows.


The thing that you have to keep in mind is Satoru’s mom. I bet she is crucial too at this stage. The part where Satoru was sneaking out at night to meet Kayo at the secret hideout is one of the most crucial part of the story too. She notice that Satoru was sneaking out, and how that plays right after should be important. I wonder if Satoru mom is able to prevent what is about to happen after that cliffhanger. Maybe it’s too soon and Satoru is probably going to go backwards again, but things would be more interesting somehow if Satoru’s mom could change things now. Seems impossible, but the possibility is somewhat there.


Damn that murderer sensei though. We saw that he seems to be in a bit of a panic, and he is taking drastic measures, and is trying to improvise. I’m sure he is still one step ahead of things still, but if Satoru’s mom can somehow intervene, everything could change. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you guys that I think Satoru still needs her help, but I just thought that I’d say it again. He needs her, and the murderer will never be caught without her help. That’s my prediction at least. I think it would have been a better idea if Kayo stayed in Satoru’s house as well to prevent all this things from happening. He really should just tell her everything already!


I really am liking it more that things are going fast for the show. As if it’s not already interesting. It feels like we are getting really close to getting the perfect ending, but yet so far really. One more trip to the past might just do the trick. The part where I think Satoru still didn’t know his sensei was the murderer makes things so interesting still. One more trip, to fix everything. I think it will happen, because we are only at episode 7 so far. There is still more to show, and things are definitely not gonna end this fast, because it’s not gonna get interesting if the Kayo case is solved. Maybe there is still the present to fix, as the murderer might still be on the lose. Man soo many possibilities going through my mind right now. Can’t wait for the next episode, thanks for reading guys. For more gifs, remember to check our gif gallery.


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