Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 6


A very interesting development episode overall. A bunch of information regarding the past and present is thrown at us this week, and there is also some tense moment too. Now we are getting ever so closer to the main suspect, and it looks pretty obvious to me who it is. While I expect some twist and stuff, it doesn’t look like we are getting any, probably.


I like that they get into the action pretty quick. Sotaru saving Airi and all. I was expecting that to happen, but wasn’t really sure if it’s going to happen this early. Nevertheless it was a really interesting development. The part where Sachiko’s friend meet with Satoru was a really good development for the series. Now I see why Satoru’s mom is always on guard regarding Kayo’s case. Turns out her friend was a reporter, and an obsessed one about the murder case. I really love when they shed light of what actually happened to Kayo, as well as other critical stuff about what happened 18 years ago. They even explained how the murderer always puts the blame on someone else as well.


Airi is pretty amazing as well this week. I don’t believe many people would go as far as Airi to try and save someone. The believe, and strong willed Airi, an amazing character to have. Even Airi’s mom is awesome too. In the end despite trying to help Sotaru, she end up giving the police where he was hiding. It wasn’t on purpose, but it was expected. Despite all that she actually gave Satoru a clue to who the murderer were.


I really like that Satoru now knows who the killer is though. Well at least I think he does. That look at his face says it all. Hard to believe it’s someone else besides Satoru’s homeroom teacher now. While it’s pretty obvious, it was still interesting. I guess it’s time for Satoru to go back to her childhood days and try to fix things again. That blue butterfly appeared again, so it’s pretty much an indication that he will. If somehow he is able to fix it, I guess everything would be totally different for the present, as long as the murderer is caught that is. But it doesn’t look that easy to be honest. I bet it will probably take a few trips for everything to be fixed.


Man I’m really liking the show still. While we might actually already know who the murderer is, they are still able to make it interesting for us to watch. It’s not really just about identifying the murderer now, it’s time to guess at what will happen next. How is Satoru going to fix things, and how will he try to convince people that the murderer is the homeroom teacher. Things will get more interesting for now on, not like it’s not already interesting as it is now. I really can’t wait for the next episode. Next week can’t come soon enough! Thanks for reading.


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