Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 5


Overall quite an unexpected episode to watch. Things are definitely getting a lot more interesting, but the way the story unfolds this week, it’s kinda unique. Not sure if it’s good or bad, but we’ll know about that in the next episode or so. The suspense is still there, and a lot really happened this week. Quite a development really. I’m trying to avoid talking about any spoilers in this paragraph, so sorry about that.


I fell a bit sad knowing that Satoru didn’t manage to save Kayo in the end. It’s true what his mom said though, there’s only so much one can do. I keep saying that he needs to rely more on his mom, but even that doesn’t seems good enough. Maybe in the end, the only way to solve all this has to be him alone. I’m not so sure how I liked about him going back to the present and all. I have mix feelings about it, but if it’s for the best, then I guess I’ll be patient about it.


At the moment, somehow it felt like Kayo’s mom is at fault behind all this. But I doubt it’s really her fault. Remember when Kayo was back home, her mom was actually out. I bet the killer who did all this actually beat her up good, and killed her. That explains why the boyfriend was panicking and Kayo’s mom was sorta speechless. The serial killer improvised and changed his plan, obviously. There is really nothing much Satoru could do anyway if he stayed there, and bam, back to the present.


He is back to the original timeline, and escaping the cops. I guess if he stayed there and didn’t run away, he’ll be going to the prison for sure. The serial killer is very sharp and base on how thing goes, he managed to put everyone else in jail without getting himself involved. Previously in the past when Kayo died on the 2nd March, Yuuki was at fault, but the recent Kayo who died after the birthday, it was different on the 3rd March. I bet this time it all points to Kayo’s mom instead of Yuuki. They didn’t even mentioned about Yuuki this week, I bet Yuuki didn’t go to jail this time though. Keep it mind, I still think the killer is Satoru’s homeroom teacher. While there is still no evidence behind it, he seems like the only guy who could pull such a thing.


Satoru’s action definitely changed the course of the future. I guess we’ll be seeing him going back and forth from now on. Airi really saved Satoru’s butt, and she even punch that pizza guy to the face. Such badass girl, I like! She believes in Satoru, but things are still going well for the killer. He seems always one step forward. Satoru is probably going to be blamed again if Airi dies in that house. Pretty smart for the killer to use Satoru’s mom number to SMS Airi at the end. The serial killer gets away with another crime if Airi dies. Somehow I feel like someone might rescue her in the end, but maybe not this time? Another time? Who knows.


It’s pretty interesting, and you could like predict a lot of route on how this could go. The longer the story goes the more tragic it gets. How is Satoru going to deal with all this? Well it seems pretty obvious to me. After the death of someone, he’ll return back to the past and alter it somehow. I’m sure next week we’ll see the small Satoru trying to find away to prevent Kayo’s death again. Each time he gets sent back to the past, a few clues will lead him to the killer, and in the end he’ll manage to solve it somehow. The best part I think will be the ride. The hardship and everything that Satoru has to overcome will be what makes this series so good in the end. Well at least that’s what I’m hoping for at the moment. I just hope it isn’t going to confusing in a few episodes to come. Looking forward for more, have a nice day guys.



  1. I’m still placing my bet on the teacher. Crimes like this require forethought and meticulous planning, and Hinazuki’s mom doesn’t strike me as a cold-blooded methodical killer. It’s possible that under intense circumstances she might kill (possibly as a crime of passion or if she’s cornered), but I think she’s rather impulsive and haphazard, so no I don’t believe it’s her.

    The only way for Satoru to solve this thing is for him to catch the kidnapper/murderer or make sure this person is caught/destroyed and thereby save all the people he needs to save including his own sanity. Half-measures will not work on this brutal, soulless killer. In effect, saving a few souls without catching the killer only means giving the perpetrator further opportunities to kill later (future victims and those he considers “threats” to his own safety).

    Airi and Satoru’s mom — I can’t decide which of them I like more :).

    • I feel the same way to about Hinazuki’s mom. The teacher is probably everyone’s main suspect.. I wonder if he is actually the red herring. It seems so obvious sometimes, that I think it might not be him. Hopefully they will shed some light next week. A little more clue would help.

      That’s the thing I’m feeling mixed right now. Just how is he going to save the all. At one point I think that it might be impossible to do so as well. In coming feels trains.. all aboard!

      Both are really good, but I lean with Airi cuz she is a lot more cuter I guess.

  2. OK, so here’s a theory — what if the killer had actually killed Kayo at her house (March 2?), then left the body there knowing that suspicion would conveniently fall on Kayo’s mom and her BF (which is quite easy to believe because several people have already noticed signs of domestic abuse).

    After they get home, Kayo’s mom and her BF freak out when they discover the body, and knowing that they would be most likely blamed for the murder, they move Kayo’s body somewhere else, where it will be discovered by somebody else later (possibly on March 3?). Then the wonderful couple go about their business, pretending like they have no idea about what happened. The cops can’t pin anything on them since they actually didn’t “commit” the crime.

    Under this scenario, the clues are pointing to the teacher.

    Obviously the perpetrator has to be somebody who knew his victim well and knows about what’s going on (domestic abuse) — in this case, the set-up actually works in the killer’s favor because Kayo’s mom would make a convincing villain as soon as the crime is discovered. He also knew about Satoru’s impromptu birthday party (and probably knew about Kayo’s mom being out that night, too), which actually gave him a good idea as to when to make his move.

    In this sense, Satoru may have unwittingly placed his trust on the wrong guy (who turned out to the killer) and unknowingly provided him with information that may have led to Kayo’s death. So basically, his plan to save Kayo was doomed from the start. *ugh!*

    • I really can’t see who else to point at really. It has to be the teacher. Killer knows too well about everything. He can even improvise and strike at a different time. So yeah. I bet a lot of people guessed the same too, but maybe there is sorta a different twist to it you know. Something that might surprise us, I really hope there is one, because that could turn out really good. In the end, Ithink what matters is how they tell the story. It all depends on whether they can adapt the manga well. I hope they will.

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