Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 4


What to expect? Another great episode, oh yeah! Personally I think this show is just too good this season, and none is anywhere close as good as this show. The way the story is told, pacing, that sense of uneasiness, I think it is what shines the most for the series. It’s quite a relaxing episode this week if you don’t think much about what Satoru has on his mind. A cute episode overall. I just kinda wish there is more to watch right away though. I need more.


My suspicion towards Kenya and the sensei still remain. It’s kinda weird but it does feel like something is going on. Everything look normal this week, but I’m definitely not letting my guard down. That scene between Satoru and Kayo’s mom though. It’s very courageous of him to confront her, but that help from his mom definitely helped things a lot. Now that his mom knows what’s going on, Kayo is pretty much safe from the physical abuses. Kayo’s mom wouldn’t dare beat her up because sooner or later people will find out if she keep doing it. The part where Satoru goes out with Kayo all the time kinda saves her from the abuse as well. Good for her. I really like it when Kayo smiles. 🙂


I think what Satoru mom did was great for them. I have a feeling that Kayo’s mom want her to be happy or something for some reason. She always abuses her child, and for once she is kinda happy for what Satoru is doing for her. While there is no signs of that, I think for a mother, it’s pretty much in their nature. I’m not so sure why Satoru is getting that sense of deja vu all the time when she was going out with Kayo, but I guess we’ll find out about it soon enough.


While everything is going according to plan for Satoru, things kinda got interesting in the end. I really wish nothing happens in the end, but since this show is psychological and what not, I’m pretty sure something bad kinda did. It’s kinda too soon maybe. Maybe the happiness will last a little longer, or not. I’m a bit conflicted though. Kayo might just be late for school for a normal reason, or her mom definitely beats the hell out of her or something when she returned back home after the birthday party. It’s kinda dumb that Satoru didn’t do the usual, and pick her up before school. That could have prevented something.


I like how the show was told though. Despite all the happiness and cute stuff going on this week. They always remind us that something bad could happen at any time of the show. It kinda plays a bit with our feelings, and the uneasiness always exist. I think that’s what makes it so interesting. It’s sooo good, I love it. One doesn’t skip the opening song too, and the ending song is pretty great as well. What’s going to happen next week, I’m not sure, but for some reason I just felt reading the manga now. Thanks for reading guys, have a good day.



  1. Great episode. (Satoru’s mom — yayy!) That ending just about ruined me though. After the first 20 mins, I knew things were just too good to last.

    When things began cooking in Ep. 2, I placed a lot of the characters on my suspect list — I assigned 25% on the teacher based on gut feeling and everyone else at around 5% or 10%. Until Ep. 3, it stayed that way; one reason why I held back on the teacher was that he seemed way too obvious and stood out as a probable red herrring.

    After Ep. 4, I am pushing him to 75% for several reasons.

    (1) Among the prime suspects, he’s in the best position to carry out his plans. As the teacher, he has good access to information and opportunity to sort out and capture his “prey” — he knows his students well, their probable habits, their schedules, their family dynamics, and he is well accepted in the community/school. No one would question his presence around the would-be victims.

    (2) He is very observant and manipulative (although it’s not too obvious at this point) — esp. among the girls. He “draws” them in, by being sympathetic and seemingly helpful, but it could also be a way for him to worm his way into their vulnerable psyche — thereby “luring” them to his net. (Which reminds me of a few TV and film psychopaths.)

    (3) When he told Satoru that he has already informed Child Services (just my name for it) about Kayo Hinazuki’s case, we only have his word for it. The best option would have been for Satoru to tell his mom about it and have her confirm if this report had actually been filed. And even if this report had been made, the teacher himself could have found a way to tip Hinazuki’s mom about the visit (from the authorities), thereby maintaining the status quo that would help him carry out his plans.

    Moreover, after knowing that Satoru and friends were planning a birthday party, he could have just “rescheduled” his plan to abduct Hinazuki. If it had been an outsider, that person would not have been readily aware of the sudden change in plans. I am removing Hinazuki’s mom from the primary line of suspects (although she could well be an unwitting accessory to the crime), because it’s rather obvious that she is now aware that other people have already a good idea about what’s going on in their house, so she has to be extra careful (or else…).

    • Spot on! He is still the no.1 suspect after all. I don’t see anyone else being the suspect at all besides him for now. Since episode 3, I thought he is the guy, but still I’m expecting some unexpected twist at the end, who knows, plenty of possibilities. Point 1, 2 and 3 was what I was thinking when I was writing the previous episode post. You explained it pretty well. Hats off to you.

      It all comes down to Satoru’s mom in the end, although Satoru is the one doing everything, I really can’t see how a small child can convince the adults of such a crime. Satoru has to let her mom know about all this, if not I guess there is a chance that he has to repeat and go back to some past timeline again.

      That last paragraph is kinda a revelation to me. I never thought about him rescheduling it, but the possibility is there. Knowing that Hinazuki’s mom isn’t at home and is going out with that drunk guy, I bet he could have broken into the house and kidnap her. This is going to be really interesting. It could turn out funny as well. What if it was just a troll, and Hinazuki just didn’t make it to class on time, lol!

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