Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 3


Another week, another great episode. This week’s episode is really an interesting one to watch. We are introduced to Yashiro sensei, Satoru’s homeroom teacher, and they also showed some of the abuse that happened to Kayo. Many things to think about this week. There is also a potential suspect too, behind all this mysteries. Some speculations could be made, but not much clues just yet. Lots of uneasiness, it just felt like bad things are about to happen.


Most stuff that happened this week seems like an introduction for some of the important characters in the show. Characters like Yashiro sensei, Yuuki-san, as well as Kayo’s mom and her boyfriend? Slowly things are taking place, and the buildup is already building for this show. The way I see it I really don’t feel like Yuuki is the main perpetrator in all this. He seems like a nice guy. Sure there is that porn stash, but that’s sorta normal for a teenager 😉


Yashiro sensei, I’m getting a bad vibe from this guy. He looks really suspicious to me. He is sometimes nice sure, but isn’t that normal for a teacher to be nice? Satoru thinks he is very sharp and observant, and I really think the sensei is, and it’s really not for a good reason. Also that scene at the end, makes things more suspicious than ever. At first I though Kenya is going to be a big help for Satoru, but it turns out it might be the other way around. Man things are really getting interesting! While it’s still to early, I think I could be wrong about suspecting Yashiro sensei, but you never know.


Poor little Kayo though. The abuse she gets from her mom is really something. Just looking at her mom makes me sick. Who in their right mind would do such a thing to their daughters really. The thought of doing something like that, man I hope we don’t see anything like that again. Could it be that her mom is into drugs are something? Because it really looks like it.


I really don’t like how thing is right now. It just felt like Satoru is in a big disadvantage. One thing is his homeroom teacher might be the main suspect of the murder, 2nd thing is he is also the one handling the stuff that is related to Kayo’s abusing. The only way this could turn around is, if Satoru’s mom helped him. I see it happening but not so soon. I also have a feeling that there are multiple people conspiring behind all this bad things. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next. I am loving this show, it’s just awesome at the moment, and I hope it keeps getting good as the show goes on. Thanks for reading.



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