Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 2


Man this anime is really good. I like how everything is at the moment, and people are already calling it the anime of the year already. It’s kinda a bit too soon for that, but it’s really one of the best anime so far, sure. I love how the story is told in general. The pacing is just right, and everything is very much perfect at the moment. As Sotaru returns back in time, he tries to get used to how it is back then. It’s nice to see all his friends, as well as everyone else still being alive. This anime really is serious most of the time, but I like how Satoru’s little friends made it less serious and more fun to watch.


Sotaru returns back in time, only to find himself back when he was little. Looks like there is really no way to go back from this. He has to fix what’s was wrong, and save both Hinazuki and his mother from that serial killer. I really like the part when Sotaru returns back home looking for his mom. I definitely would have done the same. That feel when you see your mom back alive, that would be something awesome for sure. Touching moment, definitely. Really love how Sotaru realize how precious family time is now. It’s probably a good time for Sotaru to change some stuff too about his life, but I doubt much will change maybe. I do hope things turned a lot better for him at least.


One of Sotaru’s friend Kenya looks like someone that will be helpful for Sotaru. I just think he will be crucial in making things a success for Sotaru. I also have a bad feeling that not everything is going to turn out fine for Sotaru. I bet there is plenty of feels and bad moments before he can save both Hinazuki and his mom. Just what awaits us is still unknown, but I’m ready! Sotaru has already been making his move to save Hinazuki. The girl is really a pain, but seeing how Hinazuki’s mother kinda beats her up when she returned home definitely explain why she isn’t a normal girl. I like the part when both Sotaru and Hinazuki talks about each other. Hinazuki is slowly opening up for Sotaru, it is kinda sweet.


Looks like were probably gonna have some happy moment still, but I don’t think it will be long until we see something tragic again. So far this anime is really good, the animation is just awesome, same can be said about the OP and ED song. Really love hearing the ED song for the first time. So far i’m really satisfied with this show. Doubt many could top this show this season, well at least not this early. Hoping this anime continues to be great as it is. I really don’t know what to expect next, but next episode, it’s probably going to be about Sotaru’s birthday, maybe. Looking forward to it. Hope you guys enjoy this show as much as I do. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.



  1. definitely up there for this season, maybe even this year *wonders* I have a feeling rewrite and relife (maybe?) will change that *nods*

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