Barakamon Episode 5



Yet another fantastic episode! This anime makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it’s so adorable! As we see once again, Handa is too focused on technique, correct form, and the fundamentals to actually think about developing his own unique style. But I guess this is a greater metaphor for the entire anime. He comes from a more rigid society where everything has rules, whereas in the village, everyone just does what they want, without regard to what rules are supposed to be. If he can adapt his attitude to fit that of the townspeople, I’m sure he’ll find his own calligraphy style as well. 

Though he’s certainly out-of-place in the town, poor Sensei, tripping on the rocks at the beach. For once i’m glad there is a beach episode where there is nothing that involve bikinis or fanservice. Naru and Hina are just cute! Hearing Hina talking again is just adorable. Naru although she made a sad face, I still think she is cute. That scene with Sensei crying and blushing at the same time, and then the kids coming to hug him, made my heart melt a little. This anime does have important messages, but it’s also something that really places a value on friendship and our relationships with others.


I’m very happy about this show, it’s like my anime of the season already. Everything is just charming, lovely, and hilarious. As with every episode, it’s over before I even know it, because I’m so immersed. I somehow wish it never ends. I just hope the new character that was introduced at the end, adds something to the show. Please don’t make it worse or anything really, because it is just perfect the way it is. Now I will continue to eat all my Konomon!



  1. “This anime makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it’s so adorable” <- I agree so. And this episode proves how "city" sensei is when he keeps tripping over slippery rocks. The whole episode is really about him tripping.

    "Now I will continue to eat all my Konomon!" Where did you get those? Is it really that good?

    • Glad you agree. Well it can’t always be about Handa. I’m ok with seeing the others having fun together without Handa. Sometimes he is just the type who kills the mood.

      I actually have them before back when I was in Japan. It’s really good and to make it, it’s not that bad if you wanna try it but it does take a lot of time to wait. Cut some radish, dry it up, and make the special sauce and refrigerate.

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