Barakamon Episode 2



I actually kind of enjoyed the fast pace of the scenes, it lends to the energy of the show. I haven’t read the manga so I don’t really know what kind of tone its pacing was used to achieve, but in the context of the anime, I think it works pretty well. Pretty sure they must had rearrange the sequence to fit the anime. Finally we know more about the 2 high school girls as well. Hiroshi is a nice character and I like it. There is also Hiroshi’s mom which actually over exaggerate things a bit. It’s quite funny so I don’t really mind.

I’m also liking the portrayal of the suffering artist and the nature of hard work and talent in regards to art. Speaking from experience as an artist, I know that talent can only get you so far, and that it’s hard work (with healthy amounts of self loathing) that really make you grow as an artist. We’ll see how far they explore these themes, but for now, they’re pretty solid. I like that there is always a lesson in each of the episode so far, and I hope they keep doing it.


And of course, the cast continues to be marvelous. Naru is on the fast track to becoming on of my favorite characters — she exemplifies everything that’s special about child characters. Great humor, comedic silly moments we can all relate to with heartfelt lessons to be learned all round. Seriously have nothing bad to say about it.


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