Hello Xana here, I thought for my first review on Wan Abrar I should review an anime I love.  I settled on what may be my favorite anime of all time, Bakemonogatari.  I will try to do the review with as little bias as possible and you don’t have to worry this review is free of spoilers.  Bakemonogatari is centered around Koyomi Araragi, a third year high school student who is almost human again after briefly becoming a vampire preceding the start of the story.  Araragi comes across others with supernatural powers that he can identify with and becomes involved with their lives.  He seeks to free them of their supernatural powers by all means necessary.




Bakemonogatari is animated by studio Shaft; their animation is just different.  You are thrown into a distinct world that catches your eye immediately. Bakemonogatari has a fresh animation style that makes it look like nothing else.  It uses a sharp color pallet and has a great mixture of both lights and darks while treating you to many strange camera angels.  The backgrounds are very detailed but sometimes there is recycled animation. Everything tends to be very geometrical and easy on the eyes.  Bakemonogatari also subjugates you to flashing words in the background or even cutting to a blank screen; this can start to get on your nerves every once in a while.  The characters designs are well put together and all the characters have their own distinct styles.  It is nice to see that the characters don’t wear the same outfits or do their hair the same way every episode.





Bakemonogatari treats you to a well-rounded and interesting cast.  Koyomi Araragi is the most important character in the anime because the series revolves around him.  He has an admirable sense of justice because he will do everything he can in order to help those in need.  Despite being such a good guy he is a huge pervert who ends up hitting on the whole female cast despite the fact that some are rather young…  Despite Araragi being the protagonist Hitagi Senjogahara steals the show.  She is stunning, self-centered, extremely sarcastic, and one of the biggest sadists I have ever seen in anime.  The interactions between her and Araragi are an absolute delight to watch.  Each member of the cast has their own distinct qualities that they add to the Bakemonogatari, which means that the show doesn’t have to revolve as heavily around both Araragi and Senjogahara; meaning the characters never get boring.




Bakemonogatari has 5 extremely good openings sung by each member of the female cast.  Each opening does a great job specifying a specific characters personality.  The ending theme is Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari by Supercell and it is a spectacular song, probably my favorite ending in an anime.  The characters are all very well cast; each voice actor fills their roll well.  Chiwa Saito voices Senjogahara and she is by far the standout in the series, fitting her sarcastic personality perfectly.





Bakemonogatari is a play on words, which is translated as monster story.  Not only does Bakemonogatari stay true to its supernatural theme but it also stays true to its word play.  There is constant world play throughout a very dialogue heavy series.  The narrative is a very witty, and I found myself laughing a lot.  Everything about the series was executed so well.  The humor was spot on every time and dialogue was always interesting; I was never bored for a moment.  The series consists of 5 arcs (15 episodes in all) which all revolve around a different female character who becomes possessed by something with supernatural powers.  The show has a very quick pace and very fast dialogue; you have to pay close attention to make sure you don’t miss something spectacular.  You will find some fan-service throughout the series, which I normally don’t like but I never felt that it got in the way of Bakemonogatari’s overall plot unlike its sequel Nisemonogatari; that show just goes to far and makes me feel dirty.




Bakemonogatari can be rounded up in one word, “brilliant.”  It has everything I love about anime; great animation, interesting dialogue, witty humor, and a great cast of characters.  If you don’t like Studio Shaft’s style or very dialogue heavy anime, this may not be the series for you but for every one else give it a try.


So I thought I would pose a questions for you all to answer if you would like.   How do you think Bakemonogatari compares to Nisemonogatari and which do you think is better?  I personally love both but I find Bakemonogatari overall better compared to Nisemonogatari’s 8 aired episodes.

Thank you for reading,

Sincerely Xana

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