Aldnoah.Zero Episode 9



Never have I seen a case where I liked something so much, and yet hated it so much at the same time. I really like how they flesh out a character this time. I like the fact that Saazbaum is very honest and open about what Slaine is gonna think about him. He admits that his superiority complex comes from his jealousy, yes, that is all I wanted.


We got more focus on the mental state of Marito and Rayet as well. Rayet dealing with her jealousy and can’t stand how the Princess can stay calm in her situation. It makes sense, no normal person in the Princess’s situation would act the way she does. I personally didn’t like Rayet from the start, because I know she is going to be the unstable type of character that might cause a lot of problems in the development of the story, or she can become one of those characters who can deal with things, and things will start to be good for her, which I think will never happens. Possibilities are there and as always I take everything into account.


Besides Rayet, we get more insight into what caused Marito’s PTSD. Though that still begs the question of why he didn’t really suffer from it in the first fight. I really like the story behind Marito’s PTSD and how things happened. Yes, I know it has a bad ending to the story, but how it actually happened was quite good and very well explained. The only thing I didn’t like was Humeray’s leg being stuck in there. There was a few ways how it could still end up good, like he could cut off his leg and all that, but things happened so fast, I guess there is no time to even think about it. Just tragic.


They also pointed out that Inaho is emotionless by the outside, but not really emotionless on the inside. How Inoha’s sister explained it, I like it a lot. Still they never actually explained to us why he acts that way though, just that he does. I do hope they explain it in a couple of episodes to come but maybe it won’t be happening anytime soon, since things will get intense from now on. Inaho is going to have a harem. I’m not quite sure if that is a good thing and I wasn’t expecting them to go this route.


As for the ending, it’s what makes me hate the episode a bit. Seeing how Princess gets choked by Rayet was unexpected. I was thinking there might be other ways that this thing could be pulled off but..meh! Rather interesting feeling to be shocked while having an erection. I know most of you are probably thinking she is dead right? Well don’t be sad because I know she isn’t dead yet, she just fainted. Why because this scene didn’t happen yet. Interesting to see the ship is not working any more right after what Rayet did to Princess. I was thinking if the ship is not gonna work, what about the other ship from the Orbital Knights? The emperor is really old, or even on a deathbed. If he is the one keeping all the Aldnoah drive ships running, and has no other descendants than the princess, killing her would mean the end of the ability to use Aldnoah tech. Guess Saazbaum never thought about this, or he did thought about it and that is why Slaine is still alive.


A very interesting episode indeed one that I have mix feelings due to the ending, it was actually a good episode if it weren’t for the ending. I hope things gets better, this episode and the previous one really does help me think that this anime is going to turn out pretty good. The series doesn’t have the same formula any more and things are really looking good. Can’t wait for the next episode!


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