Aldnoah.Zero Episode 5



The Emperor seemed reasonable at first. He wasn’t all that amused that the Orbital Knights started the war without even asking him and immediately stopped it and told them to investigate. But despite knowing Slaine, and knowing his relationship to the Princess, and probably knowing that she trusts him to the fullest, he assumed that Slaine is a traitor after Saazbaum told him that this might happen, even though Saazbaumy is of the Orbital Knights that started it all without his permission. So much for the Emperor having doubts with the Orbital Knights in the first place. While the war has just restarted, I hope the Emperor still considers Slaine’s words and gets someone independent on the case, and only maintained the appearance until Saazbaum is gone, just like he did with Slaine.


I just hope the Emperor is really investigating for real though, as in allowing things to be in motion to see what is really going on. He seems to be a wise one but just to be fooled by Saazbaum? Really? I’m kinda sad about that but I always consider a lot of alternative to a story, so I hope there is really a way of seeing peace in this show. Instead of being something unique they decided not to go for it. It would have been a lot interesting if the Emperor believe in Slaine. Sure we don’t really want that to happen though as it will be really anticlimactic, but it would definitely be interesting because no anime does it in a short period of time. Saazbaum doing his own investigation towards his fallen comrade, I’m feeling that Slaine needs to bail out soon before he gets caught.


We really need to see more Slaine in each episode. He seems to be the one that is actually moving things forward for the show, well at least for me. As far Inaho, I still need to know his side of the story to why he is acting this way. A short trip down memory lane could make Inaho a solid character. I’m liking how the show is progressing with all the small pieces being explained slowly to us in each episode. The Episode was well-paced, well-balanced with backstory of Marito and Slaine. Also, the Princess is naive, that’s expected of someone who’s lived in a (presumably) sheltered environment her whole life.


All in all, I think this episode is a lot better compared to most of the other episodes previously aired. It has a lot of stuff going on, and mostly every minute of it is very entertaining to watch. There is one things that makes the show boring though for me, which is happening very often in each of the episodes. The mecha battles… the formula is always the same and i’m hoping that it won’t always be at the end that we get to see the mecha battle scenes, there has to be a better way of putting this battles in. Looking forward to see how the show is going to progress from here, until then, bye for now.


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