Aldnoah.Zero Episode 2



Well, I have to admit I was fascinated in some part of the show but not all. I was just pretty damn terrified of Inaho’s sister dying, and I was pretty relieved to find out Lt. Marito lived. I’d normally expect both to live, but this is an Urobuchi show, and you don’t expect anyone to live, more like guessing when they’ll die. But the first half was really boring, just so much one-sided fights. I mean, yeah, I get that Martians are basically carrying out bloody genocide, but the episode just repeated slaughter after slaughter after slaughter. Kinda expected the Ryeta girl to live. As soon as I saw the princess killers standing together separate from the girl, I just knew those idiots were gonna die. Mecha look kinda cool, though I’m not impressed by the CG. There were a couple good parts especially when it came to the knife fight with Marito, but otherwise, kinda meh for now.


I also didn’t like the obvious plot hole, you are telling me that the princess had no way of communicating with the Martian fleet to say she’s alive at least? I mean the princess of the empire for crying out loud. Also you are also telling me that no one else knew that she was sick other than her aide? That makes no sense to me at all. Apart from that I think it seems pretty obvious to me that Inaho’s lack of emotion is caused by him being autistic. The scene where Inaho is making scramble eggs while Martians is invading Earth hints at Repetitive Behavior which is a characteristic of Autism. This is just something to consider though.


Well I’m just hoping to see how the overpowered Martians or gonna lose in this war, and how those little high school kids are gonna fight back. Maybe they have some overpowered Gundam themselves, who knows. It’s pretty obvious i’m not that satisfied about this episode. It’s due to the fact that the first episode was good and the 2nd was meh. They planned that this is gonna happen and are prepared for it for 15 years now, but yet they were totally obliterated. I will be happy once they can counter the Martians but for now it’s kinda ok so far. Hoping to see a better episode on the next one.


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