Aldnoah.Zero Episode 11



Well sorry for not posting for a while. I was too busy playing Destiny, and I have no time to even write a single post, as well as watching any anime. I’m working on it and hopefully Barakamon and Nozaki-kun post will be up after this post. So how good is this episode? Overall it’s pretty action packed, not much wrong about this episode but a lot of funny moments for me.


There is a little to no plot at all in this episode, but a lot of actions. Not sure if it’s a good thing for you guys, but for me it is just fine. First things first, lets get into the funny part of the show for me. A few things that I find hilarious is how Edelrittuo, was able to drive a Hummer. How did her feet even touch the pedals? lol! Seriously though, that scene with the Hummer was pretty funny, making this episode entirely worth watching on its own. The most hilarious thing about this show has got to be the part “If you stay calm, the bullets will evad-” boom! Seriously, it came out of nowhere.


I don’t mind the heavy action, but what bothers me the most is that it doesn’t feel like the 2nd last episode for the first season. Since the show is a split core, I guess they are going for the huge cliffhanger soon. While I don’t really mind and appreciate whatever the creator/writer plans to do with this show, it just felt a bit off.


I’m not sure how Edelrittuo and Rayet is going to survive as well. It seems that both of them could be gone forever, or make a special appearance next season…like “Surprise, I’m back from the dead!” Slaine might be the rescuer though. I like the idea of all this mechs jumping from space and all, because if you are going to attack by ground, i’m pretty sure none will survive. Going by air seems like the best option.


I’m quite ok with this episode. Overall just take it as an action episode, with something big coming in, on the next episode. Not quite sure what to expect really. The only thing that might happen is that if there is a plot twist or something. Someone might betray Inaho, or suddenly a new villain appears out of nowhere after the main villain lose. So what do you think might happen next on the final episode? Let me know on the comment box below.


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