Aldnoah.Zero Episode 10



So did you think it was going to turn out like this? For once, it was actually what I have predicted. The hero is of course yet again going to be Inaho. It’s good that he was quick to notice what was going on, and how quick he reacted on time. There was some emotion from Inaho but yet again, emotionless most of the time, which is what most people likes to call him. It’s cool that Inaho is that way for me. When I ask a person why they like Levi, the answer is, “Because he’s badass with his emotionless and downright awesome.” Then when I ask that same person why they hate Inaho, the answer is “Because he’s emotionless.” Well I hope you get the point.


As for the revival of the Princess, as I’ve mentioned last week, someone is going to need to do a CPR, and yeah it happened. Perhaps the CPR was okay, but not the usage of the defibrillator. When the patient flatlines, there heart has stopped beating. That’s when its time for CPR and drugs, not the paddles. A defibrillator can’t shock a heart back into life after its stopped working. It can only help stop a heart attack. So there was not need for a defibrillator, those things only happened in TV shows, but not real life. If you think this is a minor point or a nitpick, well people have died in real life because their would-be rescuers watched series like House M.D. or Gray’s Anatomy and had a mistaken idea of what to do. Shocking a person whose heart isn’t beating at all just wastes valuable time, time you could be spent doing chest compressions instead. At least the use of defibrillator was short, but I just would like to point it out to those who didn’t know.


Saazbaum is by far the most interesting character, but I’m still a bit unclear about his methods. He wants to punish the royal family but he also invades Earth? Does he want the resources of Earth but without the royal family involved? I hope we hear more from him next chapter too. We seem to be missing a bit of his puzzle. The part about Saazbaum wanting revenge for Orlane was a bit like any other story. I was a bit disappointed about that, but oh well.


So are you guys expecting Slaine to go back to Earth and defend it, or do you want him to side with Saazbaum? It’s unclear to me which side Slaine is going to go after what happened, because Slaine doesn’t even look like he hates Saazbaum at all. I sense something big is going to happen soon, so it’s going to be awesome. With only 2 episodes left, I’m predicting there is going to be some huge cliffhanger at the end. Since this show is split cour series, i’m sure most are expecting the same thing. It’s gonna be good.



  1. From what I was able to gather, Saazbaum is after the resources (and revenge for his wife of course) since Mar’s is incapable of producing their own. I think the last episode eluded to that when he said their people were living off of krill and Earth was prospering. After the invasion is over with they will most likely kill the royal family, which doesn’t make since if they want to keep using the Aldnoah drive outfitted units…? Confusing and probably might be better explained later, since i’m not seeing the point. Anyway, hoping that Slaine decides to stay onboard, at least long enough to get some useful intel and hopefully find a way to take Cruhteo’s unit :3

    • Ah yes and the resources..I forgot to mention that. I’m not quite sure about that as well about the Aldnoah Drive. I guess that is when Slaine’s father will appear.

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